Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CHEEZY Travis post......



What can I say? I think you're pretty cool. I'm glad you were born. Remember when I wrote you a note (7th grade style) with the top 100 things that I love about you? Well I thought today I would maybe write the top 10 RANDOM things that make you cool in my eyes.....

Here I go.....

1. You love the color purple and are not afraid to admit it...thus the purple writing in your honor.

2. You get REALLY stressed out about Tennessee sports. haha. It makes me laugh inside but it just goes to show how loyal you are to the those you love. (ohhhhh cute. ha)

3. You're an ORGANIZING FREAK OF NATURE. But I seriously love you for it.

4. You always smell SO DANG GOOD.

5. You always kiss me goodbye in the mornings even if you're running late, tired, and stressed. It makes me feel important.

6. You like to grow your scruff out. I like scruff. good job.

7. You twitch violently before falling asleep. It's hilarious in a creepy way.

8. You charge the ipod every night after I suck all the battery life out of it. Just so I can do it again the next day before you get a chance to use it again. :)

9. You speak SPANISH.

10. You have taught our CTR class for the last month and a half by yourself. Not a small task.

I hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!

Love you!

Friday, March 27, 2009

For Grandma Barnes.....

So Bryant now weighs 13 lbs!!!! His constipation problem has been solved with a little prune juice. HALLEJUAH!!! He's getting so cute!!
This is obviously one of my favorite outfits on him. It's sooo soft.

Bryant on our bed. This is Travis's favorite pic. He looks so little!!

Nat holding the sleeping giant.

Me trying to get a smiling pic while holding him. It's hard to do!!!

He fell asleep watching Tennessee basketball.....MMMMM what does that mean?

Bryant chillin in the green chair. This cute outfit is from my wonderful grandma joye! It's so cute on him!

Cute smile. Eyes are a little creepy. :)

So excited!!!!!

Mom & Dad cope holding the new grand kids. Melyn is so cute and little!!

I forgot to turn this pic. Sorry! This was his first "real" bath. I thought it would be funny to stick him in our little sink. Don't worry I only did this once or maybe twice.......:)

Travis obviously got hold of the camera behind my back. Bryant looks a little scared.


Travis came home for lunch & my mom snapped a pic. It's a little blurry! woopsy.

I should've put my hair all down so you could see it better. ahhhwell..

So this post is for my neighbor........she is determining on whether to get bangs :) Sorry I have no dramatic before & after picture. My camera died before I could get a before. dang it. I LOVE my new haircut (even if no one else does. bang haters. whatever :). fun.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I think I like this hair cut but with more layers in the front........we'll see. ;)

So it's that time of year again. I look through my closet and wonder where all of the cute clothes that I bought last year went. I swear I had some in there somewhere..........

yes. I'm superficial sometimes.

yes I feel the need to go tanning before I get my hair cut so I can fulfill my "cute hair potential" (I may even need a new outfit. Travis will probably roll his eyes when he reads this. ha).

So random thought. Was the Twilight movie really as bad as I remember it being? or is it worth seeing again? mmmmmmm.

Oh & I may have found another vampire series that fulfills my need for goey romance stories. I'll let you know if it is worth reading. ha.

Ps. Sorry mom. I can't find what I need to download my pics from my camera. pics are coming I swear......

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Wow I realized today that is has been FOREVER since I updated....I'm lazy. oh and boring.

So what have I been up to lately?

Changing/feeding Bryant every 4 hours.

A lot rocking/talking to/bouncing Bryant in the Bouncer (say that 5 times fast. I just did in my head). Bryant is now smiling.......when he isn't screaming his head off. it's cute. I now make a complete idiot of myself trying to get him to smile.

AND of course reading stupid fantasy fiction books in the mean time. I can't believe I just admitted that on my blog. Yeah the kind of books with swords and "magical powers." The type of books that the "sword and quill" club on BYU campus must worship (imagine long hair, capes, fake sword fighting. Yes they practice "fighting" in the park by my house. I can no longer mock them). Sorry if I am offending anyone. To each his/her own. ;)

AND.....starting this week the GYM. I have 15 lbs to lose before I get to my pre-pregnancy weight. Running and crunches here I come. boo ya.

Well more pics of Bryant to come for the grandmas!!! Tomorrow maybe? sorry mom. ha.

Ps. I'm getting my hair cut on thursday. I'm going to take before/after pics. I'm psyched.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, it's been a long and frustrating process, but the job search is finally over! 4 months later, several interviews, a few bad words, and more frustration than any one person should have to cope with, and it's finally over. I'll be starting at Novell tomorrow, helping with their online trainings in a sort of tech. support type position. I'm pretty excited about the opportunity as it looks like they will be compensating us fairly well and with good benefits. It's been an interesting period for us since I graduated, as we've been living off our savings, so we feel pretty fortunate during these rough times to once again have a steady source of income. We attribute the finding of such a good job to the paying of tithing, despite our insecurities and reservations about not having a job lined up.

There have been a ton of people who have been pretty proactive about helping me find work, either through networking or referrals. We just want to say thank you to everyone who has made an effort on our behalf. Special thanks to Jason and Jared Conley, Zach and Kathleen Cochran, Amber and Mike Malloy, Leo and Mark Ebbert, Jeff Willis, Megan Griffin, and all others who have passed along helpful information! It means alot to have so many people praying for you and looking out for you, and at the very least it is a huge comfort to know that there are others who are concerned for your wellbeing.