Monday, November 15, 2010

Farm Country....

(random pic of Bryant in Target. I'm falling into a nasty habit of buying him an ICEE every time we go in because then he stays happy. It's bad I know. Anyone else do that?)

So we recently took Bryant to a magical place called "farm country" at thanksgiving point. He LOVED it. He was completely enamored by all of the animals. Anywho, here are a few pictures (I need to start taking pics on a real camera. My phone camera kinda sucks).

The cow wanted to eat Bryant's hair. gross.

I can never get a good pic with him. He tries to bolt every time.

Riding the horses. Awesome. ha

Little goats are cute.

Pure joy

More goats cause goats are cool.

just avoid my annoying voice. If I would actually stop talking you could probably hear Bryant better. haha. If you listen closely he says "goat" a couple of times. it's funny.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

House LOVE.....

Yes I realize that this post is totally narcissistic. But I don't care.
I love my new house so much I couldn't stop taking pictures.
Although the pics were taken from my phone so they are pretty craptastic.


Imagine a pretty cream-ish rug and wispy light curtains above the big window. huh? huh? huh?

I haven't killed my orchid yet. YES.

Guest bedroom

Yes I convinced Travis that grey, plum, and cream should be our master bedroom colors. When it's finished it will look awesome. Imagine crystal lamps and cream side tables with cool artwork above the bed. Oh and a cool bench at the end. :)

I love walk-in closets. I have a whole wall that is ALL MINE.

There you have it (except for Bry's room. I thought I had too many pics already ha), we're still not finished decorating, but alas the allotted amount of money has been spent so it will have to wait :)