Sunday, January 23, 2011


(fugly picture of us at Guster)

Things Becca & Travis have been up to lately:

A fabulous Guster Concert

(yes my nose is shiny, and I'm blue).

Buying new house "stuff" with my Christmas money instead of buying much needed clothes. (Z gallerie oh how I love you).

(purple lamps rock my world)

(Z gallerie sale items. Love them)

Getting called to be "nursery leaders" (Yeah it sucks.......bad......really bad).

Doing 30 hrs of Nursing continuing education hours in 2 weeks when I had a full 2 yrs to do it. (Yes I'm a procrastinator).

Arguing with Travis about whether we should have another kid. I vote no. He votes yes. Too bad for him.

Watching 6 seasons of Grey's anatomy in a month and a half. Thank you Hulu Plus.

Drinking a lot of peach Fresca. Thanks mom for buying us a case. I'm an addict.

Going off of sugar for 3 weeks......followed by an eating binge of 3 candy bars in less than 1 hr.

Getting off of my daily fix of Diet coke. I miss it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Dreaming of warm weather & being tan and skinny. sigh.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas morning...

Yep our Christmas was awesome. Bryant loved it!!! (except for when he freaked out about his Thomas the Train power wheels, which he STILL fears and hates. classic.) Having a kid makes Christmas magical again. I heart it.

Below are some HORRIBLE pictures of the Bry Guy on Christmas morning. Yes it's dark outside. 6:30 am baby. ugh.

Bryant finding his toys, happy as can be, until Thomas started making sounds. I probably scared him. drat. (sorry the video is so dark at the end).

Ps. I got my new whispy white curtains. I love them. the end.