Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bry's walking & we conquered the mullet.....

Why can't I think of witty titles? I'm not as cool as the rest of you. seriously.

Here is a video for Grandma Barnes in Tennessee :) Enjoy. Love you!!!

Ps. Sorry about my annoying voice. Ugh.


With Bryant being my little "1 yr old walking boy" we thought it was time to do a little chop chop action to the mullet.

yep party in the back

cute, but kind of "Tennessee" ha

New Haircut! We decided to cut the whole thing since he had random long hairs everywhere. CUTE!!!!!

Bryant cuddling up with dad before bed. I can't believe I have a 1 yr old!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I hurt..........

(FYI: I'm seeing this in San Francisco. So Excited!!!!)

I started the "30 day shred" last night (it's a workout dvd. yes I'm a dork). Who knew that a 20 minute workout on "level 1" could make me hurt so bad. I'm sore EVERYWHERE. I'm counting down the 29 days until the torture can stop. Hopefully I can be a hot mama by the end. Boo Ya.

Ps. Apparently I took pictures of Bry's birthday in RAW format, which blogger won't upload. Now I have to figure that out. I hate technology sometimes. You know what makes up for it though? Travis is doing the "7 days of valentines" for me this week. I feel loved, but don't tell anyone cause he says he feels like a "girly man" for actually doing it for me. haha. I'll take what I can get.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A few things.....

(Nat, remember that one time when we went to New York and it was fun? yeah me too)

Hi peoples.

So to my family:
Pictures of Bryant's birthday are coming soon!!!! I can't seem to find the cable that goes from my dad's kick-ass camera to my computer................but I will conquer.

Funny Story:
I was in walmart the other day (don't ask me why. I hate the place). As usual I was drawn to the book section of the store (any store for that matter) and while randomly walking through the children's books I spotted a girl a row over with a high school musical t-shirt, bushy brown hair, bushy eyebrows to match, braces, and an unfortunate shrilly voice. I stared in shock as she began to cry (very loudly) to her mom that she wanted a poster of a vampire from twilight. Her mom told her that she already had an unhealthy amount of twilight things and finally said No. The girl started sobbing & lovingly caressing the poster and whispered "goodbye my love" with a tear running down her cheek. She looked 15. I was shocked. My mouth was hanging open. Then I started to grin, and then laugh softly to myself. Then quickly walked away before the girl spotted me. Right place at the right time my friends. It was AMAZING.

My sister Nat and I are going to SAN FRANCISCO the first weekend of March to see my amazing and oh so fun friend Marci!!!! I am beyond excited. I plan on spending the last of my christmas money on clothes. Eating large amounts of delicious food. Seeing the beautiful city, and of course sleeping in past 8 am. Bryant is staying at home with his Dad. YES. HAHA.