Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's a girl?

Well, that's not actually confirmed medically, but Travis developed a little gender test of his own today. I think he is just a little impatient to find out if the "it" is a boy or girl, since we are too cheap to get the early 'unofficial' ultrasound at the Provo Mall ("we are too cheap" = "he is too cheap"). He leaned over and yelled into my stomach, and I quote, "Do you have a penis or a vagina? If you have a penis kick once." Ummmm Yeah.

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Eyes are the ******* of the face..."

I enjoyed this way more than I should have. Go see it. Then pay attention for the line above. Amazing!

(I'll let you assume that this is Becca so that I don't lose my street cred...)

Depending on the street...

This is amazing! Much thanks to the playlist on a friend's blog, and my brother's insistance, I have rediscovered a gem which I previously had heard a little of, but had not fully unearthed... Flight of the Conchords.

This video is amazing. Bec and I watched several times and enjoyed thoroughly.

I can only hope that you take the time to do the same...

And if you have a spare moment, try and Youtube this one as well, "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros."

"They call me the hiphipopotamus, my lyrics are bottomless..."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holy cute!!

So I was doing my usual "nesting" tonight (looking online for baby stuff) and came across these HILARIOUS halloween costumes. Travis and I couldn't stop laughing they are so cute and funny. Parents make their kids wear strange things :) I think if we have a little boy I am totally going to buy the shark outfit.

Look at that fin on the back!!

hahaha the orange tights really finish this costume off nicely :)


So, our trip to Tennessee was due to a stroke which my Grandma O'Bryant sufferend a couple of weeks ago. It looked as though she might pull through, but things took a turn for the worse. Once the decision was made (due to a request in her living will) that she be taken off liquids, solids and other life support, we quickly bought our tickets and went to Tennessee to see her one more time.

She was a wonderful lady with an amazing sense of humor. My sister-in-law posted a wonderful paragraph on her on their blog @

As a fitting tribute to her hilarious sense of humor, here's her favorite joke:

What's the difference between Eggs, Drums, and Sex??...

...You can beat Eggs,
You can beat the Drums,...


(I decided it would be best to spare you the third picture... You're welcome)

G'ma, we love you and we will miss you!

Tennessee, Tennessee!

When Becca and I started this blog, we set a goal of one post per person, per week, to keep it from growing stale. Thus far, I would say we've been pretty successful. The past two weeks, however, we have not posted due to a little (big) family emergency which took us to TN. More on that to follow in another very special post. Regardless of the later mentioned situation, our trip to Tennessee, although chaotic, was quite enjoyable. Most of our time was spent with a ridiculously full house of relatives or trying to be of some help around my house. It was also great to spend some time with my little brother who just got back from his mission in Spokane. The trip was pretty uneventful as far as blog-worthy and entertaining stories go, but I thought I would at the very least explain our absence.
Oh yeah, I also spent some time with my nephew Jackson. I've only seen this kid once before, one year earlier, so it was a blast to see how he's grown up (some). His favorite word? "Uggh." Everything is "Uggh" or "Dis". He's seriously a crack-up.
As I was away from the MTC for a couple of weeks, I was able to go more than 1 day without shaving and grew this nasty facial hair. I think the stash will be a permanent addition one day. I affectionately call it "Chester the Molester."
Becca and I flew home August 17th. Something tells me that is an important date, but I can't seem to put my finger on it... Oh well, I'm sure it was nothing.

On a somewhat unrelated note, as a guy, I typically refrain from posting articles related to clothing that would look cute on our baby. But, I make an exception... just to let Bec know that whenever Daddy is left in charge of dressing baby, "it" will be seen in nothing other than the following selection of clothing regardless of occasion or season...


Now for your viewing pleasure, we (my brothers and I) were bored to tears during a particularly dry portion of sacrament meeting and this is the result. I love that my phone has many programs to aid me through eternal meetings...

The Angel of Ugliness

Haha... Most of these are of Becca...I must be a real jerk. Poor wifey-pooh...
Bec's really let herself go lately. This is just wrong...I'm sorry Babe!
Hey! The Devil really does wear Prada!

This will be a good look for me in 50 years.

OH YEAH! AUGUST 17th! That's our Anniversary! OOPS! Hope you enjoyed your McDonalds in the Nashville Airport, Honey! Love You! Happy Anniversary!! Raincheck??

(Nervous Laughter...)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Phone..

I am a blogging machine today!!! So my plan with T-mobile is up and I am moving on over to Sprint. Travis wants me to get the "Centro" because we can get it for a really reasonable price (or so he says). Anyone's thoughts on this phone? I just like it because it's cute and pink :) I can't resist a pink phone...........
Ps. This is a horrible picture by the way :)


So as promised here are some pictures from the "breaking dawn" party that Nat and I went to. There were about a MILLION GIRLS there and 5 guys (who looked like they had been dragged there by their wives). Nat and I have started a tradition of finding quaint little "Shop Around the Corner" bookstores to go to for book openings. Little bookstores have a charm about them that Barnes & Noble just doesn't have I think. Anyway, I was thinking that Nat and I were sent down to earth as twins for a reason. haha. I don't think anyone else would have set up an air mattress for "all night reading fun," gone to a midnight opening of a totally chick flick book proudly rocking the "edward cullen fan club t-shirt," waited in line to get a henna tattoo, and enjoyed every dorky minute of it like me. ha. Love ya Nat.

I know I know. REALLY DORKY.

Working the T-shirt.

Fierce Nat...

Cute Book Shop in Sugarhouse!

Humorous I thought :)

Yeah My finger is in the shot ha. Weird wedding dress competition. funny.

These girls were dressed up as vampires (I think? Or was it how they usually dress? I wasn't sure). ha. They scared me so I asked them for a picture.

11:50 PM and getting tired. We are not as young as we used to be.

FINALLY with the book.

Why do I put these things on my blog? Embarrassing. :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh Baby...

My second "baby" appointment was yesterday. All is well. My Doc said the heartbeat was super strong so it was fun fun fun to hear :) For those pregnant girls out there with migraines it is totally fine to take Excedrin migraine, Tylenol, and my favorite drink diet coke. (there are drugs that are restricted in the 3rd trimester so if your further along you may want to ask) What a relief. ANYWHO, I'm up in salt lake with my sister nat preparing (i.e. setting up a giant air mattress and buying junk food) for the release of "breaking dawn" tonight. Yes pictures to follow. We might even make Aaron dress up as Edward and go to the party tonight (evil laughter). I tried to talk Travis into letting me paint his skin dark and putting on a wig and dressing up as Jacob, but it was a no go. He went golfing instead. Fun Hater. ha.

P.s. Nat got her wedding pics back and they are GORGEOUS!! I will post them soon.