Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today I am feeling so grateful for family and friends who are in Bryant's life. It is such a huge blessing to have friends that understand Bryant and create time in their busy schedules for us to come to their house for play dates.  It has been so helpful for Bryant, and he has started to WANT to play with other kids (although if he doesn't know who you are he will still bolt ha).  

My sister-in-law posted this blog article on my facebook wall.  I love how this mother describes Autism.  So many things hit home to me (especially Bryant's ear covering when he walks into a situation he doesn't know). I'm at this point where I still think, with therapy, that Bryant can overcome a lot of his anxieties, but it was interesting to see an older kid with autism and how his mom deals with it. Who knows if this is our future or not, but I really respect this mom for dealing with it in such a positive way. Thank goodness Bryant doesn't do any scripting, that would be difficult I think. 
 If you have the time to read it (it's pretty short), I definitely think you should.  Your (future) kids will most likely be going to school with kids just like Bryant and it is good to have an understanding of  how their minds work. :)