Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I need advice...

Hi there, so I'm redoing Bryant's room for his birthday and getting him a "boy big bed". Any recommendations on where to buy beds and cute bedding? Is it better to do a toddler bed or buy a twin? thoughts? ideas? Thanks peoples. :)

Ps. thanks for commenting on my last post. We are doing better around here today!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


So my heart is hurting today. I'm usually not one to have an emotional breakdown on a very public place (such as this blog) but I feel like I need to let go of some heartache. Bryant has now started covering his ears in every public place he goes due to his sensitivity to sound and social anxiety with crowds. We took him to nursery today and it broke my heart to see him in a corner by himself covering his ears looking terrified. No one would go by him or try and comfort him. Ugh. I can't seem to find anyone is my neighborhood who I can be close friends with or will at least bring their kids over so Bryant can have more social opportunities. Maybe I just need to try harder. Who knows?

In other news, Bryant was assessed by the school district to see if he would qualify for the state run preschool. Apparently Bryant is super duper smart and scored in the 99th percentile for his cognitive abilities. Sweet huh? The lady assessing him said she had never seen a kid score so high and thought he was going to be absolutely brilliant. He scored very high in his language too, which was awesome because we have worked on it so much! He ended up qualifying for the preschool because he was so anxious with the interviewers. I hope this preschool can help him with his anxiety! The people from the school district thought Bryant had severe anxiety with no Aspergers and a sensory processing disorder. They recommend we wait until he's 5 to test him for sure, but I still think Aspergers fits him more. It's the same therapy either way so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anywho, this was a long rant. I just need to find my inner calm and have faith that everything will work out! Happy Sunday:) happy golden globes! Woot woot

Here is a video of Bryant and me hanging out. We're buddies. This will probably be boring for anyone except grandparents. I think he's pretty darn cute myself :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Late Night Alumni...

Nat, Kerri and Me (in case you were confused since Nat & I showed up with the same hair. Another reason to cut my hair. I hate that!)

So Aaron (Nat's violin playing husband) played with Late Night Alumni last night and scored us some free tickets. It was pretty dang cool! They played at the Masonic temple in Salt Lake (which made us want to walk around and open up random doors. What exactly goes on in that Egyptian room? ) Nat's boss and his wife went with us and they were hilarious. They wanted to party all night, it was inspiring to see a couple who's kids haven't sucked the life out of them haha. Travis and I died right around 11 pm. We are old people at heart. I can totally picture us falling asleep at 8 pm in our lazyboy chairs when we are old and grey.

Below is the song that was off of "crazy stupid love"

woot woot

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hair Cut...

Does it look like I have short hair?

Nope I don't. But I've been obsessing about the idea lately. I'm loving the look of short hair. My inspiration pics are below.....yes I think katie holmes' short hair is so darn cute. What do you think? Am I crazy? Is my face too chubby to pull off short hair? Will I regret it? Will it be awesome and super duper cute? Comments please :)

Yes I joined instagram. No I hardly ever use it, but it is fun to mess with the color on pictures.

Look Nat, we are so happy in this picture :)

and here is a pic my mom sent me. Look at that happy face. Love it!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Holidays...

Hey friends & family!
We just got back from Tennessee last night after spending 2 weeks at Travis' parent's house. It was marvelous. Bryant was an angel child on the airplanes, although he did struggle with all of the people at grandma and grandpa's house. ahhhwelll you win some you lose some right?
It was awesome to spend so much time with family! It's sad to have Travis back at work again today and starting his MBA program soon. I get the feeling it's going to be lonely around here.

Anywho, back to holiday stuff........

We did an early Christmas at our house before leaving, I'm an awesome mom so we did the pre-made cookies for santa. haha.
Isn't Bryant so cute?

Bryant gave Papa Barnes the longest hug I have ever seen. He held on to him like this for probably a full 10 minutes. It was so sweet.

and of course I dropped my Christmas money on black jean leggings and teal heels. woot woot.

Thank you Mom & Dad Barnes for such a wonderful time!