Friday, January 13, 2012

Late Night Alumni...

Nat, Kerri and Me (in case you were confused since Nat & I showed up with the same hair. Another reason to cut my hair. I hate that!)

So Aaron (Nat's violin playing husband) played with Late Night Alumni last night and scored us some free tickets. It was pretty dang cool! They played at the Masonic temple in Salt Lake (which made us want to walk around and open up random doors. What exactly goes on in that Egyptian room? ) Nat's boss and his wife went with us and they were hilarious. They wanted to party all night, it was inspiring to see a couple who's kids haven't sucked the life out of them haha. Travis and I died right around 11 pm. We are old people at heart. I can totally picture us falling asleep at 8 pm in our lazyboy chairs when we are old and grey.

Below is the song that was off of "crazy stupid love"

woot woot

Have a good weekend!