Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Holidays...

Hey friends & family!
We just got back from Tennessee last night after spending 2 weeks at Travis' parent's house. It was marvelous. Bryant was an angel child on the airplanes, although he did struggle with all of the people at grandma and grandpa's house. ahhhwelll you win some you lose some right?
It was awesome to spend so much time with family! It's sad to have Travis back at work again today and starting his MBA program soon. I get the feeling it's going to be lonely around here.

Anywho, back to holiday stuff........

We did an early Christmas at our house before leaving, I'm an awesome mom so we did the pre-made cookies for santa. haha.
Isn't Bryant so cute?

Bryant gave Papa Barnes the longest hug I have ever seen. He held on to him like this for probably a full 10 minutes. It was so sweet.

and of course I dropped my Christmas money on black jean leggings and teal heels. woot woot.

Thank you Mom & Dad Barnes for such a wonderful time!


Sandra said...

I love this post and I cannot lie, I'm as little envious of the 10 minute Bryant hug! I sure miss that little guy! Love those teal shoes!

Angela and Mike said...

Love the shoes and the pants...and way to go BRYANT for being good on the plane. That looks like an awesome hug, I love it.

Marce said...

Cuuuttttteeee! Every picture! My heart hurts- I miss you, my beautiful black-jegging'ed teal-footed friend. (which are hot by the way). when are we going to get our butts away from our mom-life roles? i'm thinking a shopping spree in NYC would be freaking amazing.

Siobhan said...

the pics of bryant are adorable!