Thursday, October 30, 2008


So has everyone seen the movie Alien? When baby Bryant kicks my stomach and I can actually see it move from the outside, it totally makes me feel like that guy who has an alien pop out of his belly. Kinda freaky.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend "Color me mine" for a date night out. It is super fun to pick out a piece of pottery and then sit and paint and let the creativity flow. Travis and I picked up our finished piece tonight and it turned out surprisingly cute (we painted a baseball "piggy" bank for Bryant. Pretty pimp).

One last thing.....does anyone else ever have a crazy desire to live in a condo in the Riverwoods? Every time I go there at night it is so festive and "alive" with people. I always end up wanting to sneak up to one of the condos and people watch. Yeah I'm creepy. The End.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The following is not endorsed by anyone...

So, does anyone else out there ever read The Onion? It can be pretty questionable sometimes, so you gots to be careful what you read, but it can be pretty hilarious sometimes too. Case and point...

John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

So wrong, yet somehow so right...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have been up at my mom & pop's house for the past 2 days "helping" redo an old dresser that my parents had (i.e. watching my parents paint and slave away from my seat in the kitchen. paint fumes=bad things for pregnant girls). Anyway, I'm an anal person so decided it would be best to get the "big" furniture in before it gets too cold outside. I was psyched to find out that my parents had an old dresser just awaiting some lovin in their garden shed. I am SO EXCITED about how it turned out! I love the new handles. It looks like a pottery barn dresser to me :) Thank you thank you thank you Mom and Dad for giving us a dresser and THEN beautifying it. Love you!!!


and After.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Phone Home...

So, Becca's up at her parent's house in Hooper to paint a dresser for Bryant. This leaves me at home alone on the couch procrastinating homework and watching all the girly TV shows that I normally complain about being forced to watch (I seem to no longer have a mind of my own).

I think that she should come home now...

I also think that I should regain my apparently missing manhood...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Shtuff

So, there's no real way to organize this post other than to say it is the randomness that comprised our weekend. Some of it was fun, the rest of it was brought on by extreme, immeasurable boredom.

Friday we got together with some friends from our last ward. We carved pumkins, ate large amounts of candy and watched a movie. Due to our lack of creative abilities, we printed a stencil and traced it on the pumpkin before cutting it out. Due to my lack of enthusiasm I'll post some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday was pretty uneventful. After a long day at home, we decided we needed to get out. We've been trying to spend less money lately, so it was difficult to figure out something worth leaving the house for which didn't cost money. So, we kind of kept with our goal by not spending money from our bank account. Instead, we scraped together all the change we could find and headed to Albertson's for our first Coinstar experience ever. We placed bets on how much change we had. I won (But you all probably already knew that). It wasn't much, but it did afford us a "free" evening. And just in case you're worried about our financial position, this little adventure was more due to boredom than actual need. Don't feel like you need to send us money, unless you happen to be my parents, then you can send us money...

Then we found a little hidden gem. Did you know Macey's has soft-serve ice cream? Yeah, for $1.25 we got two cones, mine was chocolate dipped, and both made us sick. Best $1.25 date ever. The rest of the change money bought us pizza and drinks.

Mmm...Ice cream, Pizza and Drinks. All in all not a bad night.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Crib Set..

I LOVE this crib set. I must have it. It seems like the perfect combination of "soft blues." ahhh happiness.

Ps. I think Travis won the name war. So Bryant David Barnes is the name (for now anyways). David after my dad :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh dear...

I actually made a homemade dinner for Travis tonight (and it was yummy too). A funny moment happened however when I went to go check on my beautifully risen rolls baking in the oven only to discover that Travis had never taken the plastic wrap off the top of them. MMMM baked-on plastic rolls. I laughed until I almost wet myself (easier to do these days) and then tried to make him feel as dumb as possible about it. :) The End.

Ps. I am going to the opera tomorrow with my mom & Nat (oh and nat's high school students haha). I'm so excited!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I usually dread winter. Every year I whine and complain as it gets cold outside because I guess I have always just LOVED the summer. Swimming, getting tan, dressing up on summer nights, movies, drive-ins, snowcones, vacations, etc. However, I read my sister Nat's blog today and realized I need to be thankful and excited for winter. Winter can be happy! It can! It can signify sledding, skiing, christmas lights, hot chocolate, cuddling with the hot hubby, homemade soups, and HOLIDAYS. As I was recalling the past joys of winter today I actually got REALLY excited about the holidays. I love spending time with my family and friends. The older I get the more I realize that time spent with my family is a constant source of happiness in my life. What a blessing it is to have family close right now. I have decided to post some pics of some AWESOME things that I have done during the winter to get me even more PSYCHED for the coming months.
My first Christmas "time" with Travis. It was awesome even if he was monolicious. :)

This picture reminds me of some good make-out sessions in the winter. ha.

Winter brought the best surprise of all-time. A diamond ring. boo-ya :)

My first Christmas with Travis. He gave me a rad sleeping bag. love it. We opened our presents to each other a few days before Christmas. We couldn't wait!

Another Christmas pic. Presents are always a good thing.

Our first pathetic christmas tree. Good Memories.

Ode to the sunglasses. They were lost this summer on a rafting trip :(

Sexy Biotch

Valentines Day!! Who wouldn't love waking up to this? It rocks to be married on valentines day. Everyone should do it.

And of course....SKIING with Travis. He is way better than me, but it is oh so attractive to watch him.

Yeah Travis just came home and surprised me with flowers and my favorite DOUGHNUT HOLES!!! I love that kid. He pretty much rocks my world.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Boring Becca...

So, today Becca and I made pizza, a Barnes family tradition. This provides me the perfect opportunity to do one of my favorite things...make fun of the women in my life. I can't say that my pizza tastes great (ok, maybe I can), but it sure can be pretty. (I was looking for a picture on our computer for the last 45 minutes only to realize it's on my mother-in-law's computer, not ours.) Unfortunantly, I don't get to make good-looking pizza because my wife is boring. Becca eats cheese pizza (which I also love)... BUT, if I'm going to the trouble to make pizza, I like to make it look good with all kinds of colorful toppings and stuff. But no, if the food looks good, Becca won't eat it. It must look dull and boring. Somehow I managed to get an exciting assortment of six shredded cheeses by her, but she said the pizza wasn't as good this time, so I'm thinking she was on to me.

And just since I know that my mom reads the blog, Mom, my pizza can beat your pizza up. Boo Ya!

Just so Becca's not upset at my poking fun of her, here's a nasty picture of me. Equal?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This pic was taken a couple weeks ago ;) baby bump

I have finally decided to swallow my pride and post some pregnancy pics of me on the blog (mostly for Travis's mom. You should feel loved right now :). I think my face looks chubby, not to mention my belly. At least I can guilt Travis into rubbing my neck and back every once in a while. He can't say no to his pathetic "waddling" wife. Oh and exciting news!! Our crib finally came and we put it together today (by "we" I mean Travis, while I sat and occasionally threw candy into his mouth to make sure he didn't get grouchy ha). We don't have a mattress or crib set yet, but more pics to come when we have enough money to buy more :)

Bigger baby belly today

Tired of Travis taking pictures......
Grouchy Travis. Just because I made him put together our crib 4 months early. He loves me.
Awkward picture but the finished crib!! Thanks Travis! It's so cute!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kill me now, please...

This has been a hellishly long week. Between class, work, homework, tests, bills, the career fair, online job applications, job information sessions, the consulting fair, a couple of research papers and all of life's usual tricks, I'm ready to find creative and painful ways of ending it all.

Am I complaining?...Yes, I certainly am.