Thursday, October 30, 2008


So has everyone seen the movie Alien? When baby Bryant kicks my stomach and I can actually see it move from the outside, it totally makes me feel like that guy who has an alien pop out of his belly. Kinda freaky.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend "Color me mine" for a date night out. It is super fun to pick out a piece of pottery and then sit and paint and let the creativity flow. Travis and I picked up our finished piece tonight and it turned out surprisingly cute (we painted a baseball "piggy" bank for Bryant. Pretty pimp).

One last thing.....does anyone else ever have a crazy desire to live in a condo in the Riverwoods? Every time I go there at night it is so festive and "alive" with people. I always end up wanting to sneak up to one of the condos and people watch. Yeah I'm creepy. The End.

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