Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Shtuff

So, there's no real way to organize this post other than to say it is the randomness that comprised our weekend. Some of it was fun, the rest of it was brought on by extreme, immeasurable boredom.

Friday we got together with some friends from our last ward. We carved pumkins, ate large amounts of candy and watched a movie. Due to our lack of creative abilities, we printed a stencil and traced it on the pumpkin before cutting it out. Due to my lack of enthusiasm I'll post some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday was pretty uneventful. After a long day at home, we decided we needed to get out. We've been trying to spend less money lately, so it was difficult to figure out something worth leaving the house for which didn't cost money. So, we kind of kept with our goal by not spending money from our bank account. Instead, we scraped together all the change we could find and headed to Albertson's for our first Coinstar experience ever. We placed bets on how much change we had. I won (But you all probably already knew that). It wasn't much, but it did afford us a "free" evening. And just in case you're worried about our financial position, this little adventure was more due to boredom than actual need. Don't feel like you need to send us money, unless you happen to be my parents, then you can send us money...

Then we found a little hidden gem. Did you know Macey's has soft-serve ice cream? Yeah, for $1.25 we got two cones, mine was chocolate dipped, and both made us sick. Best $1.25 date ever. The rest of the change money bought us pizza and drinks.

Mmm...Ice cream, Pizza and Drinks. All in all not a bad night.


Tiffany Johnson said...

sounds like a blast! and yes, i'm blog-stalking you! :-) I'm glad you ahd a good weekend afterall!

Amber said...

Thanks for the comment....actually mike was in the ward that you were in....I can't believe you don't remember. Don't you remember Jake (Jeff and him had it out for Jess)....Anyway, Jake (Gulbrandsen) was Mike's roommate that year. So you may have met him back then too (I might even find some pictures).

Anonymous said...

I obviously don't check the blog often enough. You've posted like 8 things since I last checked. Sorry I was too late to provide the funds for your date night, but it sounds like you did okay without me. Hmmm, finding cheap or "free" things to do - sounds like a new concept. This could work.