Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Hello again. Hello. Do you like my hat?

Ummm yeah. I've been a bad bad blogger lately.

I've been busy:

Reading Go Dog Go. Obviously.

Giggling in St. George with some totally rad (yes rad) and totally fun-tastic friends before they move to California. (tears).

Attending weddings and thinking of my own wedding. sigh.

Having a week of "acting like we are dating again" with Travis. Do you remember how you acted before you were married? It's hard to make the effort be nice, fun, witty, care-free (haha), but I think everyone who is married should try and make a goal to do the "things" you were doing when your spouse fell "in love" with you. (advice from a wedding I attended). Seriously it has been such an awesome week because of the effort both Travis and I have been put into treating each other better. :) (wow that was long. sorry.)

Looking at blessing outfit pictures of Bryant that my amazing friend Tiff just gave me (above). So cute. I can't believe that little guy is mine sometimes. Trippy.

Trying my own hand at photography with my dad's ridiculously expensive cameras. Getting the right light is a Bitch my friends. (sorry mom) haha.

of course blog stalking. Feeding, changing, entertaining, falling even more in love with my Bry guy.

The End.