Monday, July 2, 2012

Catch up.......

What's up world? I'm not going to lie, I completely forgot about my blog for a whole month.  I feel like I stay so busy that something is bound to fall through the cracks........*cough...stupid blog.

This summer has been pretty good so far.  Travis planned an awesome birthday for me complete with Kneaders french toast (mmmmm), cupcakes, Stewart falls hike, the Foundry Grill at Sundance and glitter toes.  It was epic (other than we had a pipe burst and flood our front yard.....on my birthday.  Thank goodness for sprinkler repair people huh?).  Good times. 

Bryant Update for people who care :)  

Bryant is doing well lately!  He hardly ever covers his ears anymore and loves his gymnastics class and therapist Brittney, although he still hates going to school (stupid school).  He is way more flexible with play and his toys!  He is starting to start conversations with random people that he sees (he rode down the street on his bike just to say hi to our neighbor).  He is very playful and is describing things a lot more instead of just asking questions all of the time (although he still does that when he gets anxious).  

He is still struggling with responding to questions that strangers ask him.  He will sometimes just stare blankly at them.  I'm hoping as his confidence builds that he will be able to respond faster and genuinely, without being prompted.  
He still has a lot of fear of loud noises (the Subaru, lawn mower, sprinklers, loud music, I'm guessing fireworks soon, movies, laughter.....).  Hopefully the more he gets exposed to them the easier it will get.  

I feel like he has bad days and good days.  Sometimes I feel disappointed with his progress and other days he looks like a normal little kid.  He just looks ANXIOUS a lot.  Blah.

Love my kid.  Sweetest little boy ever.  :) 

The end