Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shoes shoes shoes...............

It's amazing how fast Birthday money can be spent when you have a shoe buying "problem"

Check out these delicious buys. I feel sassy not going to lie.

Oh Me. Oh my. Sexy Shoes.

Who can resist a pair of boots at Nordstrom's anniversary sale? wahooooo.

Ps. On another seriously superficial note. I have decided that O.P.I makes a color of nail polish called "dutch tulips" that might be my favorite color of all time. Go and buy it if you want to feel extra extra sassy and "summer-y" haha. The end.

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's about freaking time...........

I finally fit into all of my old shorts and jeans. Does this mean that I am psyched out of my mind? Hell yes it does. Even if I do have a slight "muffin top" and the button of one of my shorts suddenly popped off and flew across the room.

Life is looking up my friends.

Ps. Bry is now rolling around the room to get things instead of learning how to crawl. Crawling is for sissies anyway right?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bryant 5 months old................

So I couldn't resist putting up some pics of
Bryant.................again. I love my little man.

Priceless look haha. A little camera shy in this one?

Had to get another naked shot. So chubby. Look at those fat rolls. Sweet.

This is what happens when Baby Einstein gets paused. What's going on Mom? Keep playing it!!!!!! (He doesn't watch it THAT often don't worry).

Happy boy!

Cute smile don't you think?


Blue Steal...........