Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So as promised here are some pictures from the "breaking dawn" party that Nat and I went to. There were about a MILLION GIRLS there and 5 guys (who looked like they had been dragged there by their wives). Nat and I have started a tradition of finding quaint little "Shop Around the Corner" bookstores to go to for book openings. Little bookstores have a charm about them that Barnes & Noble just doesn't have I think. Anyway, I was thinking that Nat and I were sent down to earth as twins for a reason. haha. I don't think anyone else would have set up an air mattress for "all night reading fun," gone to a midnight opening of a totally chick flick book proudly rocking the "edward cullen fan club t-shirt," waited in line to get a henna tattoo, and enjoyed every dorky minute of it like me. ha. Love ya Nat.

I know I know. REALLY DORKY.

Working the T-shirt.

Fierce Nat...

Cute Book Shop in Sugarhouse!

Humorous I thought :)

Yeah My finger is in the shot ha. Weird wedding dress competition. funny.

These girls were dressed up as vampires (I think? Or was it how they usually dress? I wasn't sure). ha. They scared me so I asked them for a picture.

11:50 PM and getting tired. We are not as young as we used to be.

FINALLY with the book.

Why do I put these things on my blog? Embarrassing. :)

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The Bentleys said...

oh maybe we were supposed to be triplets because I definitely went to the party as well. ALMOST by myself until my friend said she would go with me even though she didnt even get a book!! hahaha.. I wish SOOO bad I could have gone with you guys cuz i for sure wanted to make a bracelet and get my face painted with all the 12 year olds.

ok maybe not my face painted but the bracelets were actually really cute.