Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holy cute!!

So I was doing my usual "nesting" tonight (looking online for baby stuff) and came across these HILARIOUS halloween costumes. Travis and I couldn't stop laughing they are so cute and funny. Parents make their kids wear strange things :) I think if we have a little boy I am totally going to buy the shark outfit.

Look at that fin on the back!!

hahaha the orange tights really finish this costume off nicely :)


Tim and Jennifer said...

My cousin was that shark for halloween and it really is that cute!!

The Dunns said...

I would love the website address!! Those are some totally cute costumes!!!

Scott said...

if you have a son, please dont ever make him wear the peacock with the orange tights. one time mom dressed me up as a mouse when i was about 7, the picture still haunts me