Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bry's walking & we conquered the mullet.....

Why can't I think of witty titles? I'm not as cool as the rest of you. seriously.

Here is a video for Grandma Barnes in Tennessee :) Enjoy. Love you!!!

Ps. Sorry about my annoying voice. Ugh.


With Bryant being my little "1 yr old walking boy" we thought it was time to do a little chop chop action to the mullet.

yep party in the back

cute, but kind of "Tennessee" ha

New Haircut! We decided to cut the whole thing since he had random long hairs everywhere. CUTE!!!!!

Bryant cuddling up with dad before bed. I can't believe I have a 1 yr old!!



Dee said...

Awww - too adorable! Thanks so much for posting that for me. I miss that little guy so much! It does a grandma good to get little peeks at the new things he is doing.

Kelly said...

awwww, i look at your blog and it reminds me that having a boy will be so much fun. I always wanted a boy first and now that its here, sometimes I find myself wanting a girl. Everyone said no matter what I am having I will be a little disappointed but I know I would be way MORE disappointed if it was a girl. No offense girls.

Tiffany Johnson said...

awe... I can't believe he's one!!! CRAZY!! He's such a handsome stud. He and Addy need to stay friends for a long time.