Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas morning...

Yep our Christmas was awesome. Bryant loved it!!! (except for when he freaked out about his Thomas the Train power wheels, which he STILL fears and hates. classic.) Having a kid makes Christmas magical again. I heart it.

Below are some HORRIBLE pictures of the Bry Guy on Christmas morning. Yes it's dark outside. 6:30 am baby. ugh.

Bryant finding his toys, happy as can be, until Thomas started making sounds. I probably scared him. drat. (sorry the video is so dark at the end).

Ps. I got my new whispy white curtains. I love them. the end.


Tiffany Johnson said...

He is so so so cute. I miss him!! When are we gonna hang out?? Hmm??? Better not wait till softball season. K, next week? I love your curtains. I can't wait to come see everything!! Love you.

Marce said...

I adore him. And you guys. And your whispy white curtains. Glad you had a good Christmas... It's just magic with kids, huh? Love you friend. Wish we could hang out and put those sweet running shoes to use together... I went running today for the first time since Alice was born, and only wanted to puke once. Success.