Sunday, January 23, 2011


(fugly picture of us at Guster)

Things Becca & Travis have been up to lately:

A fabulous Guster Concert

(yes my nose is shiny, and I'm blue).

Buying new house "stuff" with my Christmas money instead of buying much needed clothes. (Z gallerie oh how I love you).

(purple lamps rock my world)

(Z gallerie sale items. Love them)

Getting called to be "nursery leaders" (Yeah it sucks.......bad......really bad).

Doing 30 hrs of Nursing continuing education hours in 2 weeks when I had a full 2 yrs to do it. (Yes I'm a procrastinator).

Arguing with Travis about whether we should have another kid. I vote no. He votes yes. Too bad for him.

Watching 6 seasons of Grey's anatomy in a month and a half. Thank you Hulu Plus.

Drinking a lot of peach Fresca. Thanks mom for buying us a case. I'm an addict.

Going off of sugar for 3 weeks......followed by an eating binge of 3 candy bars in less than 1 hr.

Getting off of my daily fix of Diet coke. I miss it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Dreaming of warm weather & being tan and skinny. sigh.


Siobhan said...

We're in nursery too!! Yeah... there's really nothing else that can be said about that.

Dee said...

Ok, so I realize I'm getting old, but usually I've at least heard of most of the popular bands. But, alas, my age got the better of me on this one - I've never heard of Guster! Hope you had a fabulous time!
The bedroom looks amazing!!
Nursery?! Really? How will I ever get another grandchild out of you if you are in the nursery?! (and, yes, you know my vote on this one. Doesn't majority win?)
Good for you to keep up on the nursing degree. No fun for a couple of weeks, but think how bad you'd feel if you let it slip by. (Besides that, someone's got to have the skills to take care of me in my old age! haha)

Kathleen said...

Ok, I know I don't have a vote, but if I did, I'd vote yes on #2. It's harder at first, but in a few years it will be much easier because your kids will have a playmate that's not you also, life is much more full with siblings--you'll never regret it.

Marce said...

Bec, I love your brain. It thinks like mine. Like about Diet Coke. and being tan and skinny. I want all those things right this minute. And how have we never talked about Peach Fresca?? We live on that stuff. My mom recently got me hooked on Diet 7 Up too...I know, it sounds retro, but it's actually so crisp and refreshing (cliche, yes...but also true).
I'm sorry that I'm going to have to side with.....Trav on the kids front. The hard part is actually the older kid, to be honest, which you already deal with anyway. Having a baby is SOOOO much more enjoyable the second time. It really is. Yes, it has it's moments (hence my circus post the other day), but it is also so wonderful in so many ways. And I hear it only gets better. So that's good.
Wow. am i rambling?
I'm so happy it's Wednesday. Are you? such good tv on wednesdays.
Love you!

Tara and Brian said...

I love love love your house. I am super jealous of you and your house!
Also I did the no sugar thing this year I only lasted 4 least you went for 3 weeks! Also...I'd like to know what you think is skinny...cause YOU are my defintion of skinny! so you can check that one off your list...Done!

Tiffany Johnson said...

um... I feel for ya. Nursery??? YIKES! We must get together soon. they finally roped you guys in huh?? darn mormons. :-) hahaha.

off sugar, huh? yeah, it does suck.

more kids? let's have them at the same time so they have eachother. :-)