Monday, November 15, 2010

Farm Country....

(random pic of Bryant in Target. I'm falling into a nasty habit of buying him an ICEE every time we go in because then he stays happy. It's bad I know. Anyone else do that?)

So we recently took Bryant to a magical place called "farm country" at thanksgiving point. He LOVED it. He was completely enamored by all of the animals. Anywho, here are a few pictures (I need to start taking pics on a real camera. My phone camera kinda sucks).

The cow wanted to eat Bryant's hair. gross.

I can never get a good pic with him. He tries to bolt every time.

Riding the horses. Awesome. ha

Little goats are cute.

Pure joy

More goats cause goats are cool.

just avoid my annoying voice. If I would actually stop talking you could probably hear Bryant better. haha. If you listen closely he says "goat" a couple of times. it's funny.


Dee said...

As frightening as it might be, I should be taking videos of myself for Bryant to watch. I'm so afraid he's not going to remember me by the time he sees me again! Give him hugs and tell him his grandma Dee loves and misses him!

Jessica said...

You are so pretty! When are we going to hang out so you can teach me to be pretty too?

Tiffany Johnson said...

um, hi friend. I miss you.

Siobhan said...