Monday, November 17, 2008

Stuff & Things.....

So it's been so long since I posted I decided to make a little list of things that have been happening lately...........

1. Travis and I have both been sick for a week now......but it does pay to be sick when your wonderful neighbors bring you cookies and rolls.

2. I wake up every morning at 4 and proceed to check both my email accounts, facebook, and then my blog. Oh and then I blog stalk others. I came across Travis's "Ecuador mission group" on facebook the other morning. It made me so grateful to live in a cozy little apartment instead of a house built on stilts on a garbage river. I was a little ashamed at my obsession for a perfect nursery and new couch pillows. I made a new goal of being thankful for what I have.

(My cute Travis in Ecuador)

3. On a more superficial note. I went and saw Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig is hot with or without his clothes on (Travis don't hate haha). He has such a likey. Travis has now put a ban on james bond commercials because I instantly go into a stupor and stare with my mouth hanging open.

4. My fam is throwing me a baby shower on Saturday. I absolutely HEART my invitations. They are the cutest freaking things I have ever seen. (Nat we really need to start designing soon.)

5. I have been looking for SOMETHING to wear to my baby shower, since I now apparently fit into only 4 things in my closet. (I stand and stare at my clothes. 5 minutes later I sigh and grab the same dress that I wear every week). I ordered a shirt online since people give me weird looks if I go to the "normal" non-pregnancy department at the store to look at clothes these days. Hopefully it will fit!

6. Travis's Broseph and Mom are coming to P-town on Thursday/Friday!!!! Which means I feel the need to clean my apartment like crazy in order to avoid shame and disgrace. Today I attacked the laundry. Tomorrow the bathroom. Boys=messy.

7. I am now 29 weeks pregnant. Wow that went fast. Sometimes Travis talks to baby Bryant. I think it is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.

(28 weeks)

8. The End.......for now.


KellyB said...

ok, you are SO cute. You and Andrea.. you cannot even tell your pregnant!! SO CUTE!!

Torrie and the girls said...

Wow, Becca, you're lucky you should get a free pass in the name of, raging prego hormones(second trimester high) .... if it gets serious we'll pitch in to buy trav a tux... love and miss ya

Tim and Jennifer said...

Cute! Looking good. I love your invitation too. I'm into designing these days and it is so much fun!

andrea.roche said...

So fun to see your updates as we experience similar things.

random question. have u been feeling any nausea again lately? I've had a couple wierd days and I'm hoping it's not coming back!

Trevor wants to know where in Ecuador Travis went. It's interesting you had those thoughts just looking at this pictures. When we went there, I was so shocked. It's so nasty. and humbling.

PS I want to see what you've done in B's nursery.

andrea.roche said...

I was online and just got your comment on my blog....I actually found an upholstered rocker/glider at WALMART for $150 plus a $50 slipcover you have to get. Which is a pretty dang good price. It totally has the "look" but read the reviews. A lot of people said it wasn't comfortable. I almost want to try it out before I order. ugh...I don't know!

Check ads in the paper and online at crafts stores and you can find lots of cheap stuff to do in the nursery. Those letters were normally around $6 a piece, and I got them on clearance for about $2/each. Not too bad. Cute, inexpensive ideas here too.

Marce said...

so i feel like a complete IDIOT. i can't believe i missed your shower! when i saw you on saturday, i didn't even realize what you were talking about that you were late or whatever...anyway, i'm such a bad neighbor....i blame it on the nursing. ellie is taking all my nourishment for herself, so i've just gone wacky. grrrr. i bet it was fabulous. i can't wait to see pictures and hear how it went! forgiveness, please?

Kati said...

Becca, you are so cute! Thanks for sharing the photos. - Kati Heath (Johnson)