Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Grandma :)

More pics!!!!
(sorry blogger is being CRAPERIFIC so the pics are in the wrong order & my little blurp is at the bottom :)

Cute! His feet are so big that they barely fit into these shoes so I only left them on for a picture. Too bad.

Bryant had been screaming for a couple hours so my way of dealing with it was to give him another bath and dress him up like a little man. yep dress up time seemed to cheer us both up.

A rare look of contentment.....ha

He likes the bouncer lately. Joy! I can try to sleep on the couch while rocking him with my foot.

Angry little man. Angry.

This is his "after a GIANT poo and now I feel better" face. ha. His hair looks red for some reason in this pic.

Another look at the content face.

His eyes look a little creepy in this pic. ha.

I have a hot mom :)

He LOVES to be held like this lately. It's really cute until you try and lay him down and he immediately wakes up. ha.

So I know that my blog has turned into babyland. Sorry about that! As soon as I get somewhat of a life back I swear I will make it more interesting. Anyway, my family has been requesting more pics so here you go......

Sorry they aren't the best pics! I need someone with photography skills to come have a little photoshoot with Bryant.

Oh and I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday. I couldn't even get them over my very ginormous butt (even with jumping up & down and lunges *sigh). It was a very depressing moment that consisted of tears, throwing my jeans across the room and large amounts of pizza. :)


Sandra said...

What an adorable little man he is!!! Thanks for posting new pics! I love the shoes. He is growing and changing like crazy! xoxoxo - p.s. you'll be into your jeans in no time!!!!!

Tim and Jennifer said...

Hmm...Kyle is 13 months. I can fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes, but still not the jeans! I just got a gym membership though so I'm hoping to see some improvement! He is cute. My blog is totally babyland. It's ok. It's because he's the love of your life and totally consumes your life!

Dee said...

Hurray!!! I love pics! What could be a better blog post?! I am really missing snuggling with that cute little guy though.:(. I'm glad he's not throwing up when you put him in the bouncer. Maybe it was doing it right after he ate.

And, yes, I think your mom is cute too!

The jeans will come - it just takes a little time.

Kathleen said...

Cute pics! The newborn phase is not my favorite. I like motherhood much better when their little tummmies settle down (they cry less) and the have more control over their limbs.

Travis said...

Why is it that babies always look really cute until the flash goes off and then they suddenly have a weird contorted face??

Natalie said...

love the pictures and the shoes. too bad they dont really fit but really, all you need them for are pictures anyway. oh and his little man clothes were perfect. seriously the weight comes off. it really does. are you aware how bad i want to hold that boy? are you? im considering coming as a stowaway when brittany goes to school but even that feels like forever away.

about moi said...

hey bec. i have to jump into my jeans too, i think it's marriage that does it as well. ha ha. love that little guy. let's party hard saturday....errrr....or at least give you time to sleep! yeah! call me. you'll probably read this before you check your phone.

aj said... Try looking at the cute stuff that Natalie (Haws) Dalpias & her husband do. It's amazing. :o)

andrea.roche said...

WHERE did u get those cute shoes/vest?

andrea.roche said...

PS My jeans don't fit either. I'm still rockin the sweats and maternity jeans. WHO CARES!?!?!? (except us)

Tiffany Johnson said...

you'll fit into them soon! You have always been so tiny. And from the sounds of it, he keeps you on your toes! You'll be back in them in no time. The pics are adorable!