Friday, November 20, 2009

Hulu I love you......

(Yes random weird funny picture that has nothing to do with my post.)

I may have just watched 2 hours of Glee, Grey's anatomy and Late night with Jimmy Fallon instead of doing anything productive (while giggling uncontrollably to myself) . I LOVE when my son takes long naps.

I feel much better about life right about now.

I think you should all follow my example and do the same.

Ps. Favorite quote from Glee ever, "I have to go they'll think I'm pooping." Did anyone else laugh at this? Hella funny. Yes I said "Hella." I'm cool.

Pss. Yes I have Glee music on my blog now. I'm a little obsessed.


deanna said...

I just noticed Danny Wilson, Phil, and I are the only ones who have our last names listed in your blog roll and not an & with another person's name. So...I'm gonna have to marry one of them. Which do you suggest?

nat said...

glee is now my world. yay for lazy days. muah

Chantel said...

I love Grey's. I live for Thurdays so I can watch it and relive my glory days during residency. Life's a little calmer now just chasin' kids.

Tiffany Johnson said...

OH MY! This made me laugh so hard. I had to watch it again.. just because of that quote. I love Glee. And, why haven't I seen you lately? Are you breaking up with me?

Marce said...

So I'm texting with you right now AND reading your blog... I guess you could say I'm missing you just a bit :)

um so this week I watched glee with mikes parents... Which was a guilty interesting experience which I hope to never repeat... But I have to admit that I laughed out loud when Finn made the poop comment... The inlaws looked at me a little...disappointed.... Ha ha. I love glee. Soooo much. Wish we could watch it together!

And ps: I LOVE that pic of bry!! He looks so big! And so cute :)

Love you xoxo