Tuesday, December 15, 2009


(Found this gem of a picture on my mom's computer. ha. It looks exactly like a picture I have from high school, before prom. Except for a different hair color and boy of course. Classic.)

Hi again.

So it's been a while.

What to write about?


So Travis has been gone for work (in vegas. psh) for almost a week now, it's odd to have your spouse gone for that long (at least for a needy person like me). I find that it has its highs & lows....

Reading the Twlight series............again. Why? I'm not sure. It fills the "travis void" somehow. Cheesy love stories are ALWAYS better late at night & alone. With Travis gone I can read to my hearts content. :) (I know MANY of you are out there rolling your eyes right now. haha)

Coming up to my parents house which is gloriously decked-out in christmas decorations.

Avoiding awkward neighbors. ha. Enough said on this one.


Having to sleep with the christmas tree on in my room because I freak myself out with Travis gone (too much reading about vampires????). This equals no sleep, which equals tired cranky becca most of the time.

Dealing with Bryant ALL DAY LONG. I've come to depend on the 2 hours that Travis spends with Bryant before the little man's bedtime.

Locking my keys in my trunk with all of Bryant's stuff. Having to wait for someone to come and open my car back up...........and charge $65. Travis had the spare key...in Vegas. Kill me now.

Hearing that my sister's husband is doing the 12 days of christmas for her........again. What the?! Travis isn't even here, let alone doing the 12 days of christmas for me. Whatever Natalie, you suck. :)

THERE you have it.

My life has been pretty dull as of late. I'm thinking about buying a plane ticket for somewhere random in the next few months. San Francisco? London? New York? That is if I find money growing on a tree somewhere. haha. It sucks being poor.

Ok The end.

To Travis:
Love you.


nat said...

you only hate because you love me. wha ha ha. you need to write more often. My blog is BORING. I might just cancel it. peace.

Travis said...

love you more. I lost all our savings last night at keno. Send more by western union...the bookie stole my phone and broke my arm. This is my last form of communication...I need help and money quick.

just kidding. We don't have any savings. But we do have to give up bryant as a servant until he's 27.

love you more

Marce said...

Travis' comment made me laugh. you two are so funny...makes me miss you.

and if you buy a plane ticket, it had better be to San Fran, or i'm gonna be pissed :) just kidding...just make sure you invite me to one of those other places, too. ok, am i getting to be a high-maintenance friend? shoot me now.

p.s. you shoulda called me about the car locking thing...i think i locked my keys in my car 5 or 6 times my freshman year...and most cops can come and unlock it...for free. maybe i shouldn't have told you that?

p.s.s. and nat is getting 12 days of Christmas? what the hell? looks like Mike and Trav need to do some major soul searching...because i'm feeling pre-tty neglected right about now :)

hope you're hanging in there ok. love you!

Katie Jo said...

san fran. do it...and I will come along. not even kidding.

Tiffany Johnson said...

Becca. I love you.. Why don't we hang out more.?? Then we can sulk together over the stinkin 12 freaking days of christmas. Is her husband wrapped in gold too?? WHO does that???? Nat, we are all a little jealous. Not haters, just plain old down and dirty jealous... watch your backside..hahaha!

So, when we gonna hang out?

The Awesome Larsons said...

having the spouse gone sucks...Paul was gone for 11 months once-it wasn't bad when he was gone, it was when he came home-I wanted to kill him-drove me crazy following me around everywhere. About the 12 days of Christmas-that's like Hanukkah on crack-ally and her boyfriend are doing it too....Anyway, have a great holiday!