Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Grandma :)

More pics!!!!
(sorry blogger is being CRAPERIFIC so the pics are in the wrong order & my little blurp is at the bottom :)

Cute! His feet are so big that they barely fit into these shoes so I only left them on for a picture. Too bad.

Bryant had been screaming for a couple hours so my way of dealing with it was to give him another bath and dress him up like a little man. yep dress up time seemed to cheer us both up.

A rare look of contentment.....ha

He likes the bouncer lately. Joy! I can try to sleep on the couch while rocking him with my foot.

Angry little man. Angry.

This is his "after a GIANT poo and now I feel better" face. ha. His hair looks red for some reason in this pic.

Another look at the content face.

His eyes look a little creepy in this pic. ha.

I have a hot mom :)

He LOVES to be held like this lately. It's really cute until you try and lay him down and he immediately wakes up. ha.

So I know that my blog has turned into babyland. Sorry about that! As soon as I get somewhat of a life back I swear I will make it more interesting. Anyway, my family has been requesting more pics so here you go......

Sorry they aren't the best pics! I need someone with photography skills to come have a little photoshoot with Bryant.

Oh and I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday. I couldn't even get them over my very ginormous butt (even with jumping up & down and lunges *sigh). It was a very depressing moment that consisted of tears, throwing my jeans across the room and large amounts of pizza. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Who knew that someone so small & cute could cause so much exhaustion? WOW I'm tired. I was sitting here thinking how fast these last three weeks have gone by with Bryant, but how slow the nights can seem when he cries for 2 hours straight at 3 am. haha. Oh he is crying again.................gotta go :)

ps. I hate having big boobs. Kind of ironic since I have always wanted them to be bigger my whole life. I start laughing every time I run anywhere because they feel like they are going to hit me in the face. haha. too much info? probably.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Picture post.......

Bryant's First Week......
Grandma Cope holding her favorite grandson :)

Travis=cutest dad ever. yep yep.

A LOT of this
Grandma Barnes changing Bryant's nasty poo diapers. That's love.

Bryant getting some cuddle time.

sleepy time...

He looks a little cross-eyed in this pic. haha. Waving to the camera...

I love that face!!


Bryant chillin in his crib....finally asleep.

Yep those are socks on his hands. He likes to scratch his face. haha.

Hopefully there will be more interesting blog posts to come :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bryant's baby story......

Pictures of baby Bryant!!!!

First bath at home....
Cute face Bryant...

Happily asleep...

On our way home from the hospital!! (his finger looks like he is giving the bird. funny)

Well hello there! It has taken me some time to work up the energy to write about the first few days of Bryant's entrance into the world! Sorry if it is scatter-brained, it has been a LONG few days.....

Feb. 1st-3 AM ( I knew I was going to go into labor at 3. I knew it! 3am=ugliness)
I woke up at 3 am with a little bit of pain & then realized that I might be in labor. I immediately woke up Travis and then walked around my apartment for an hour trying to count contractions. I'm ashamed to say I also put on a little bit of makeup (yes I'm that big of a girlie girl). They came pretty fast and were soon 3 minutes apart and lasted about 1 minute (but not too painful) so we headed on over to the hospital.

4:30 AM

Checked into the hospital. Dialated to about 3 cm. I immediately asked when I could get an epidural. haha. The nurse was going to send me home but then Bryan't heart rate didn't have a lot of variability so they decided to let me stay and suffer. :)

5:00-8:30 AM
Worst 3 1/2 hours of my life. No joke. Imagine the worst pain you could ever feel (or a knife stabbing you in the stomach) that's what labor felt like to me. Holy crap. ouch. I managed to hold it together and not shed a tear........... and just resorted to making really ugly faces and looking at Travis in panic. (Am I freaking out the pregnant girls out there? be afraid. very afraid. haha).
8:30 AM
I was finally dialated to a 4. Hurray! The doc came in and gave me an epidural. Joy. Seriously. It started working within 3 minutes and I was so relieved! I could actually speak again and make conversation. Epidurals are beautiful things I seriously don't know how women do it without them. I must be a pansy...:)

10:30 ish AM

Fully dialated. Wahhooooooooo. Now I did what they call "rest & descend" where the baby makes his way down before you push. Very nice :)

11:00 ish AM
Started pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing......I finally cracked and started to cry at this point. I remember looking up at the ceiling a lot and wondering how in the world I could push anymore..... a little after that I had my legs up in stirrups barfing into a bag (awesome visual right?) I looked over at Travis and he had tears in his eyes because he felt so bad for me. My heart melted. I love that kid....

1:26 PM
Bryant is finally born! I was seriously shocked when I found out how big he was! I pushed THAT out? Seriously? I'm cool.

The days in the hospital are such a blur! The first night was especially hard because Bryant's respiratory rate was too high and his O2 sats were he had low blood sugar. The doctor came into our room around 1 AM and told us that they had taken him to the Newborn ICU for a million tests and monitoring. The next morning after being put through SO many things Bryant's breathing was finally getting better and I could FINALLY try and feed him.

When Bryant was finally released from the NICU I was so thankful!! What a relief to know that he was going to be ok!

The days since have been full of SLEEPLESS nights and a lot of tears but so worth it to have him here. I love to just stare at him and wonder what his personality will be like! Thank you to everyone who has brought food/gifts/encouragement our way! We are seriously so grateful & blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Ps. Bryant's first "weight check" was today! He is back to his birth weight. He eats.....a lot. ha. More pics to follow of the little guy! Sorry if this post was WAY too long and a little DULL. I'm still a little out of it I'm afraid!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel...

Hey Bryant...

Who's your daddy?

That's right, I am.

World, a big welcome to Bryant David Barnes.
Born February 1, 2009 @ 1:26 pm.
21" long/tall
A whopping 8 lbs. 15 oz. Nicknamed by the staff, "The Tank."
Mom's nose and chin, Dad's swagger.

Coming soon...Mom's full story.