Sunday, March 14, 2010

San Francisco Pics...


More pictures below for my mom & those of you who care :)

San Francisco was so AMAZING!  Thank you Marci for showing us the city AND making us delicious food AND letting us stay at your adorable house.  I loved every second.  Especially when I had to come home to a sick baby who has to be held on my hip ALL DAY LONG. HA.
(see below picture. haha).

 (I missed my Bry guy, even if he's been a little crazy lately.Three whole days away from my boy was really weird. Oh and his shirt says "mom's daredevil" not "devil" just so everyone's clear. ha. )


deanna said...

I heart SF!
So jealous...

Sandra said...

Adorable pictures! You girls look sooooo stylish! Glad you had fun! Absence does make the heart grow fonder!

Marce said...

AH! miss you girls desperately. LOVE the pics. i need to return the favor now.............i suck.

can't wait to hear an update on the house stuff! good luck with it all. love love love you. xoxo

p.s. bry looks pretty gangsta in that pic. i dig.