Friday, July 30, 2010

Hanging out with Papa

Bryant likes to hang out with my dad in the garden. It's cute. I love his squinty eyes. the end.

Happy Friday!!!!

Less than a week from today and I get to go on a "mini vacation" with Travis. I CANNOT WAIT. It's been 2 yrs since we had a whole weekend away together. The thought of laying by a pool doing absolutely nothing sounds like heaven.

Ps. I'm making pillows. Pictures to come soon. Be excited.


Siobhan said...

Vacation where why? For your anniversary?

Marce said...

ok, when did he become a little boy? freak, i'm missing it all! I HATE THAT! he looks so much like Trav in some of those pic's. i love it. like, i can see Trav squinting in the outfield at his softball games looking at Bryant squinting in the garden. weird how that happens. he is adorable...seriously adorable.
i love your pillows.
no, i should rephrase:
i'm lusting after your pillows.
i've gone 5 times to the fabric store to try and buy fabric and returned with nothing. i'm hopeless. and overwhelmed. i'm lame.
and please, share the deets on your getaway!!! sounds so romantic and spontaneous :) you deserve it chica.
love you and miss you every single day of my life. i desperately wish i could knock on your door right now. sniffle.