Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can't wait for Glee to start....

The title has absolutely nothing to do with my post, I'm just excited for GLEE!!

Life as seen from my palm pixi:

Bryant in nursery. I actually got all teary-eyed when I tried to leave him by his lonesome last week (I'm a little attached). He's my buddy.

His molars make him look like dracula in this pic. love it (I don't love my hair though. gross).

Nothing like chocolate goldfish, tv, and a big bed to make a boy happy.

Ps. I love fall clothes. Everyone with money should be collecting sparkly cardigans from j. crew or buying boots from Nordstrom or getting adorable jackets from Anthropologie. Seriously. Go and buy now :)

Last but not least here is a short video of Bryant trying to say "delicious"
It's probably the cutest thing ever.


Chantel said...

Avy started nursery as well but I'm the nursery leader so it wasn't too sad! Love the cute pics.

Tiffany Johnson said...

Oh my crap. He's the cutest boy ever. And oh how I wish I had money.

Marce said...

I don't know how i missed commenting on this...i swear i did. the commenting fairy came and took it away. jerk. anyways. SO! I love seeing pictures of you and of Bry. Your hair does NOT look gross.
Bry is such a big boy.
I love his dracula molars. a lot.
i think it is still my favorite thing when Ellie says delicious. he is adorable.
And last but not least, we need to figure out a way to make lots and lots and lots of money together. that way, we can spend however much we want on whatever we want...together, because traveling would be a non-issue, because we'd be so glamorously rich.
think about it.
miss you!