Saturday, October 23, 2010

word vomit...

Bryant refuses to look at cameras now. It makes for funny pictures.


Guess what?! We are moving next Saturday. HALLELUJAH.

Pictures to come when we are all moved in.

Warning: I sound like a superficial stupid lame girl below. It's word vomit, what can I say?

So this is totally unrelated to anything, but I love Nordstrom. haha. I love when I've had the worst day ever I can go to Mac and get my makeup done and buy a new sparkly "paint pot" (while Bryant watches "mickey mouse clubhouse" from my phone ha).

Yes I posted one of "those" pictures on my blog. I like the eyeshadow they did. It makes my eyes look big (or maybe too big? Travis says I have "lemur eyes" ha).

I love good friends who always seem to know when I need to get out of my apartment and do something totally random. (like going to Costco to taste all of the food samples and letting bry play with all of the fun toys).

I Love my husband. I have been seriously down about my body. So down that it fills me with dread to try on any new clothes because I feel so out of shape. Today he surprised me with a dress I have been wanting from nordstrom. It seriously made my day.

I need a haircut. I haven't had one since LAST MARCH. Yes I know that is a little pathetic, but I just get so lazy....Anyone know how I should cut my hair?

Ignore pic on the left. haha. I've had people tell me I look like Mandy moore so I thought I might as well give one of her haircuts a go. What do you think?

I like her bangs. I feel like my cheeks are chubby though and bangs might add to that.

Anywho, sorry about the lame-ness of this post.



Tiffany Johnson said...

This post was by no means LAME! I completely understand those times in life when you just need a facelift in more places than one. A little secret I haven't filled you in on is you recently helped me get through mine. ONly, I think we all struggle a little ALL the time, you helped me through the brunt of it. :-) So, thanks for that. Costco was fun. I felt bad we were there longer than I said we would be. Hopefully I didn't get you home too late for dinner making. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sexy eyes that day. GORGEOUS!!! I am a little jealous. It makes me want to go to Nordstrom next week. About moving... I don't want to talk about it. :-) the end.

Sandra said...

Miss you guys! I loved this post, I think you would be surprised at how many people go to Costco for just that very reason! Wandering and food tasting! It did make me want to race out and get that pony for Bryant. You know I have a weakness for horses. Can't wait till I have no restrictions and can be the bionic granny that I'm hoping to be!!!! Maybe as early as next week!!! xoxoxo

Marce said...

You're the cutest coolest most beautifulest girl in the whole wide world. Serious. I loooove the makeup and want mine done now even though I'm locked up and taken prisoner by an infant these days so no one would even see it. And nordstrom-- I hate that place because it depresses me. Will I ever be able to afford its cuteness??? Sigh. Trav is a keeper. I don't think M would be able to pick me a dress... And finally, about the bangs.... My only beef with them is the upkeep. Who has the time for a bang trim every other week?? But I love how sassy pants they are. You rock whatever you do so if you want 'em, rock 'em.
And they lived happily ever after.
The end.

BellaMamma said...

I agree with Marce about the bangs. I end up pulling mine back a lot anyway without the time to fix them, but I do love them when I keep them up.

If you want a killer cut and/or color, Sam's wife (a Wolthuis cousin) is amazing. She does it out of her home right now. They just live a few blocks from my house here in Provo. I am really bad at checking blog posts, so if you want her number, you can let me know on FB.

And you are gorgeous. Period.

Trisha said...

I think you would be super cute with any haircut! Even without hair! Charles and I think you look so much like Jessica Alba, so any haircut she has you could pull off for sure!

Dee said...

I don't guess I ever told you how much I love the picture you posted in one of your recent blog posts of you and Bubba bumping heads - so adorable! The house looks great. I can't wait to see it! . . . .waiting on pins and needles to see what the hair cut will be. You can pull off anything! I LOVE the eye makeup! It did make your eyes look big. Can they do that for me. I've never gone anywhere and had them do my makeup. Next time I come out there, we should totally go together. I've always been too nervous (I hate having someone do my makeup where the whole world can watch). It would be fun to go together though. Can't wait 'til all the moving hassle is behind you. Wish I was there to help. LOVE YOU!