Saturday, April 4, 2009


So it's been a whole 2 weeks since I said I had 15 lbs to lose and I was going to get my butt in gear and go to the gym. Have I gone yet? ummmmmmmm.......... no. I'm pathetic. I just looked at my stomach and wanted to gag. Starting Monday it WILL HAPPEN.

There are so many excuses I give myself..............most of them involving t.v. yikes.

Monday night
Well I can't miss Dancing with the Stars can I? (I don't even really like this show so why am I watching it? I have no idea. Maybe for the sexy french guy? Or maybe to watch Melissa get validation and win something (from "the bachelor").

Then of course, I proceed to watch the new show "Castle." Oh and then it's Bryant's bedtime.

AMERICAN IDOl. yes I have started watching this again. It's glorious. I like Paula's new haircut. Very chic. I have many thoughts and opinions on all the contestants but I'll spare you and stop there. :)

AMERICAN IDOl results show. oh yeah.

I'm delirious from a lack of sleep of getting up with bryant all night and staying awake all day. So therefore there is NO WAY I'm getting off my butt and going to the gym. sigh. yes Bryant has decided that there will be no napping during the day. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I need to take control of that situation.

ON a more serious note. Motherhood is WAY harder than I thought it would be. I don't understand how people get "baby hungry" after they have had one and know how it is. Maybe most babies are happier than bryant? I mean don't get me wrong I love my kid. A LOT!! I just wonder how you go through all this twice? shudder. haha. These are things I ponder..........


Champion Family said...

You ask why anyone would do this again (and in some cases again and again). Let me answer that for you. Right now you are in a sleep-deprived blur. Even if you think you will remember this time, you won't. It will be very, very fuzzy. And there will come a day when you will be sleeping through the night again (I know, hard to believe). So you'll say to Travis, I want another one. Then you'll get pregnant and you'll decide you should potty train Bryant before the new baby comes and you'll begin pulling your hair out wondering what possessed you to have another one. At least that's where I'm at now. :) They are worth it...for the most part, especially once they learn to wipe their own tushes.

Kathleen said...

I was so surprised at how hard motherhood was. I wondered how moms who wanted kids less than I did survived. There is definitely a point shortly after having a new baby where you feel like your life is completely out of control and you don't know how you'll survive--I've been through that with each of my three and I visited a neighbor last week who going through that with number 7. Just know that it gets so much better and it's all worth it in the end.

Trisha said...

Bec you should go to the gym with me!! I run every day almost because I run 5Ks now and want to do a 10K! It is easier for me to be motivated when I work out with another person, so maybe it will be for you too! Aaaaaand because I miss you and would love to see you, gym or no gym, haha

Chris, Deb and the Ava Jayne said...

have no guilt. everything i read says to wait 3 months after having a baby before working out to allow your body to heal.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Awe.. I don't have kids...but I can sympathize w/out sleep and that is mostly what it is!!! Hang in there!

Little bit of advice from me (not that it is anything grand) but try to workout in the morning!

1. You burn more calories and your metabolism speeds up more throughout the day rather than when you sleep.

2. There is nothing on T.V. in the morning so you are not missing much!

Good luck!

andrea.roche said...

I would guess Bryant IS huge compared to TRey. Trey is SO long, but THIN. AHHH...he lost weight in the hospital and we're working to pack it on again. He's up to 12 lbs, but he's so long he looks tiny. I'm stressing about it...can u tell?
Anyway. Oh, and about this post. WHat's the gym? Don't fret dear, I haven't been back yet either. AND I'll def. send u the couponing emails.