Saturday, April 25, 2009


Bryant slept from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am 4 times this week! It was amazing not going to lie.
Hopefully he keeps it up! It makes me feel like a normal person again!
I'm sitting here trying to think of anything witty to write about.........unfortunately I'm drawing a blank.
Goals for this week:
Learn how to coupon & then actually use the coupons.
Watch the Dave ramsey dvd & start to break my horrible habit of going out to eat.
Try to talk travis into cutting his hair. :)
(the offer still stands Travis. You know what I'm talking about ha)
Take Bryant back to church. sigh. Guess it's time to suck it up and go.
Look for another place to live. I need SPACE. Tired of apartments.
Find places to wear my red lipstick.
Go Running.


andrea.roche said...

If I was there, I'd run with you so no fat has to jiggle alone.

HOW did u get him to sleep so long? Did u wake him to feed him at all? UGH. jealous. Treyson has decided, this week, to wak eup every two hours (which he has never done before).

Let me know if u need any help couponing.

Champion Family said...

On the news we just heard about a website It helps you find the best prices for the items you want. It's way better than driving around from store to store and searching through ads. Also I think Dave Ramsey rocks and the envelope system is the only way to keep your grocery shopping budget. We also make a grocery list and stick to it. It helps me save time since I don't have to wander around thinking about what to get, and I tend to be an impulse shopper (especially in the baking aisle - thank you brownie mixes).

Amber said...

My friend told me about some things she learned from Dave Ramsey. We started the cash envelope system and we like it so far. The only problem was that we were eating out so much before that I didn't know how much we would need for groceries. I only allotted like half of what we really needed. So next month will be better. I need to use coupons more too.

Dee said...

Hurray for babies that sleep 12 at night!! Hurray for Dave Ramsey!! We are actually very big Dave Ramsey fans (Travis might have told you - we've been trying to get him to listen to the tapes for years!). Good solid financial advise - and nothing feels better than stashing away money and having it when you need it. Great goals. I need to be setting a few myself. My jelly rolls are beginning to multiply! Give that baby soome snuggles from his G'ma! Love you!!!

Dee said...

yup, I meant "12 hours"

Marce said...

don't move till august!
and i'd love to go running with you :)

Natalie said...

good goals. amazing about him sleeping. yeah for y'all, you just sound happy.

Chris, Deb and the Ava Jayne said...

so like 5 months ago--about the time we started the basement stuff, I quit doing my budget every month. I figured it had been 2 years I could do it in my head. Yeah, today I sat down to do it again for the first time to realize I'd paid the power bill TWICE this month and we spent more at fast food joints than in utilities. ouch. Yeay for laziness. ugh.