Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3 months old.....

Bryant was 3 months old on the 1st of may! Crazy! I thought I would write down some "bryant-isms" to remember in the future.

At 3 months old Bryant:
Sleeps through the night MOST of the week. JOY.
Sleeps in my arms for ALL of his naps during the day. I can't set him down or he cries. haha.
Smiles like crazy & makes "squeaky sounds."
Talks to himself in the morning & gives big grins up at me when I say "good morning." (it's my favorite time of day. sooooo cute)
Loves to stare at his Curious George books. Especially his "ABC book."
Gets REALLY angry around 6:30 cause it's bedtime at 7. angry tired bryant.
Will immediately stop smiling if he sees a camera or phone in front of his face. drives me crazy. ha.
Loves to take rides in the car. He cries every time the car stops & then will immediately go back to sleep when we start back up again. Quite humorous.
LOVES to suck (and drool) on his fists REALLY loud. You can hear it from the other room.
Talks really loud all through tummy time.
Likes to poo on his dad. classic. good boy.
STILL has blue eyes. I thought for sure they would change color, but they are still blue. crazy. I have no idea where he got them.
Likes to fake cough when he gets excited and happy. I think it's his way of laughing.
Loves his DAD and gets soooo excited when Travis walks in the door at the end of the day.

He loves him some curious george.

Oh yeah. He DOES NOT like sitting in his "bumbo(?)" yet

haha cute boy.

I don't know why I put this pic on here. He's just staring. ha.

Bryant in his shark towel after bath time. hilarious.


Natalie said...

love him! man i wanna squeeze that boy.

Dee said...

Can't wait to see him again. You won't let him change too much will you?