Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day.........

So I never thought I would be one of "THOSE" parents with the

screaming out of control child who annoys everyone.

Oh how times have changed.

Bryant decided to ANNOY from 1 pm to 6 pm on Memorial Day.

It was awesome. haha.

I did manage to get some "before screaming pics" for the Grandmas :)

It was bright. He didn't want to open his eyes. But he did get to float in a tube shaped like a turtle. Kids have all the fun.

Travis trying to console Bryant. Standing in the Hot tub (does anyone else say Hot tub like the snl skit? I can't help myself).

Oh cute boys.

yep. sexy biotches.

cute hat.

Anyway, for those who care Bryant had a Pediatrician appointment yesterday

I HATE shots fyi.


Weight 16 lbs (80% percentile)

Length 27 inches (97%)



nat said...

I think trav's doing the muscle push thing.... "i'm so grunt" ha.

andrea.roche said...

How is he so tall? do u guys have tall genes somewhere? He's so adorable. His cuteness HAS to make up for the crying!

Chris, Deb and the Ava Jayne said...

i'm pretty sure Ava beat Bryant in the "who can throw a more annoying fit" contest.

Torrie and the girls said...

Bryant is adorable, I love the baby rashguard. glad you got some "before" pics its good to remember they don't scream the whole time... :)

Travis said...

Just for the record (NAT), there was no muscle push thing...That white pasty skinniness is all natural...that and you can't look tough with a 4 month old.

Dee said...

Cute baby!!!Crying. . . .sometimes those are some of the funniest pictures. You may not feel like smiling at the time, but looking back at the pics is lots of fun! Give that baby a kiss from his G'ma.