Friday, May 22, 2009

Rollie Pollie.............

Another Bryant Post...............I'm Obsessed

Bryant rolled onto his stomach 5 times today!!! yeah! He would roll over and then get ANGRY because he couldn't roll back. I just sat and laughed. Mean mom. Ha.

This is what he does when I point a camera at him. A whole lot of nothing. Staring. yep. ha

Staring or Surprised for the camera. This is obviously surprised. Sweet.


Rolling Over! You should probably only watch the first 10 sec if you don't want to be bored out of your mind :)


KellyB said...

AH! SOOO CUTE! I LOVED THE VIDEO!! and Sheesh Bec, Look at you back to you skinny minny hot bod! Nice. You guys are a cute family but in my mind your not really married. I kind of feel like you guys are just hangin out in Santa B.. babysitting. Too bad we dont live by you guys to be friends.

Natalie said...

so i watched the whole video. he's so big. what a cute guy. cant wait to hold that baby

Dee said...

how fun to see the changes and progress that little guy is making! It's fun to hear him "talk". Of course, you know when he's staring right at the camera like that he's saying, "Grandma, I miss you!"

Camie and Brock said...

Becca, this is Camie (Craft). I found your blog while looking through others. I loce how original your blog is! And your little boy is adorable!! And you look beautiful as always! It was great to find you!