Friday, June 26, 2009

Becca's list............

So I have decided to make a list of random things about me because I'm bored and I need to get my mind off this never ending day............................enjoy :)

I'm a sucker for love stories. I think I have probably seen every movie out there with a love story in it. It makes me treat Travis better because I get all happy & content. :)

I hate grocery shopping. I hate the lines, annoying people, spending money on food & florescent lighting (makes EVERYONE look bad).

I have a MAJOR desire to travel through Europe. This would have been more fun (to the 13 yr old girl who still lives inside me) when I was single because I WOULD have undoubtedly found a hot young European man and had a fling (such as in "what a girl wants"). haha. But I would definitely love going to Venice with Travis. :)

I have an obsession with photography even though I'm not a photographer (yet). I love looking at creative ways to capture people's emotion. I look at photography blogs every day.

I was the ugly duckling all growing up. I only got cute around my senior year of high school. Seriously. It was weird/awesome to get to BYU and have people think I was attractive.

I have an overwhelming phobia of public speaking. The thought of it makes me nauseous. Maybe that's why I connect with Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries so much?

I read the beautiful letters Travis wrote me when we were dating when I get sad or pensive. They make me remember how much I love him in the times when I just want to pick a fight. :)

I love the smell of books and coffee. So sometimes I go to Barnes & Noble or Borders and just walk around and look at books. It's so relaxing!

I don't like when people try to be sooooo "trendy" or "different" because I feel like they just end up looking silly.

I LOVE getting into books so much that I read until morning. Books are food for my soul. Seriously.

I will ALWAYS have high expectations for Travis to be romantic on special occasions. I don't view this as a bad thing. I would rather be up front about expecting something then be frustrated towards him later that he didn't make any effort.

So there was this one time when I didn't eat sugar, soda, or even butter on my toast for 2 years. I look back and wonder why I did that. I didn't become any more skinny. I didn't get better skin. I still craved those things every. single. day. Everything in moderation is the best I think.

I kind of have an obsession of looking at someone in a movie and then listing off every other movie they have been in. It seriously bothers me until I have thought of all the movies I can remember. Does that sound a little OCDish? MMMMMMMMmmmmmm.

I still love ovaltine. In fact I'm drinking some right now.

I still think Nursing school was harder than being a mom.

I'm obsessed with reality tv shows. I can't help myself. The Bachelorette and SYTYCD are my favs. In fact I told Travis we should take a latin ballroom or contemporary dance class together. He didn't go for it.

I love spagettios and mac & cheese far too much for a 24 yr old.

I want to feel cool, beautiful, smart, witty, sexy, kind, gracious, AWESOME again. It seems like those things just slip away when you get older and tired. I want to find a way to feel that way FOREVER.

Well Bryant is crying so that is my list for now.........................................................

Sorry about my grammar/spelling. I'm too tired to go back and read everything over!

Ps. I saw the Proposal last night. So funny. Go see it if you haven't yet. Definitely worth paying the money for.


Becca said...

This girl sounds like a pretty cool chick. I'm in line with most of this list... :D

Becca said...

Apparently, I (Travis) am logged in as Becca. How that happened, I do not know...

nat said...

liked this post....especially about nursing school. wha ha ha. bravo...makes more lists!

Amber said...

Zach is also obsessed with naming people from movies. If you don't know of it check out:
It's seriously saved him a few times.

Kris said...

Ha ha - yeah Ben didn't go for the dance class idea either. Good luck. Fun post!

Emilee said...

Becca you have always been beautiful! I don't know what you are talking about! It is because of you and Nat that my husband calls me an old woman, because I drink rich chocolaty ovaltine daily! This post made me laugh, and think of a lot of good times! I miss you guys we need to get together soon! call me the next time you are at your mom and dads!

Marce said...

i had several thoughts running through my mind while reading this post:

thought #1: you are my soul sister. i love people who make lists. i'm addicted to them.

thought #2: i want to be you. because you are lovely and sexy and witty. and because you are so fun. i wish i could be more like YOU.

thought #3: we need to hang out more. even though it is just going to make it even harder to leave. but i don't care about that. so here's a plan: knock on my door whenever you want and i'll do the same. ok? ok.

hope you had fun tonight! and hope you rocked that hot dress!!!!!! i can't wait to see you in it :)

deanna said...

My most favorite day last summer was when I took a bus from Lignano to Venice and spent the day walking around the city with no time limits, map, or anything besides a pocket full of euros and my camera (I'm not good at planning). Gorgeous place!

aj said...

Can I just say that I agree with Emilee? You have never - NEVER - been an ugly duckling! You have always been beautiful!

rochelle said...

Amen to nursing school being harder than motherhood! Haha. Thank goodness that chapter of my life is over. I also cannot imagine you being an "ugly duckling"...