Sunday, June 28, 2009

Perfect Storm..........

I think yesterday was the perfect storm for disaster. Want to know why?

1. Travis leaves early for a reception.

2. I am REALLY bad with direction.

3. I ran around like a crazy person all day.

4. I'm really excited about wearing a new really ridiculously expensive dress I bought with my birthday money (so therefore things are bound to go wrong).

5. Did I mention I'm really bad at direction?

6. Travis's cell phone dies before I can make it to the reception.

7. I forgot the address of the reception at home. That might have been important?

The Perfect Storm:
Drove around for an hour last night looking for said reception. Didn't find it. Eventually drove home and may or may not have cried in my closet out of frustration & pure hatred for my sucky sense of direction. (I really don't cry as much as you may think.:)

Travis got home. We decided to pick up some yummy frozen yogurt and rent twilight (so we could mock it profusely. let out that anger. yeah!) to calm my frazzled soul.

Turned out to be a fun night. Even if I couldn't wear my new dress & red lipstick :)


Marce said...

three words: i. love. you.

let's talk about all these horriblisms soon, ok? because as you read in my blog, yesterday SUCKED!

oh and you should read my post again to find out that the suckiness continued into today.

gotta laugh about it, right?

deanna said...

I would've worn the dress to the video rental store and had it on through the whole movie (probably not Twilight) and had extra gummi bears on my yogurt.
(ok so I've never told this story but I was the Utah County Dairy Princess a few years ago and when I was in the contest for the state title I fell off the stage during the dance number, screwed up the interview, Miss Congeniality my friend Jason Baker took me out to laugh about it. We went to the newly opened Krispy Kreme in Orem while I was still in my dress. The line was forever long so I grabbed the tray of free hot donuts and started handing them out to people and Jason told them I was the Krispy Kreme Queen. Then we went to Movies 8 and saw some ridiculous film at midnight. It turned out to be the best night.)

Natalie said...

well im sad about the beginning of your evening but i have to admit im a little sadder about you not posting a picture of your new dress. dont you know that an unfashionable girl like me looks to girls like you for fashion inspiration??

Tiffany Johnson said... i'm so sorry you had a crapalicious day. I wish I could have known and made it better for you. Im sorry that in some way, i'm sure coming to my house in the midst made it that much more stressful... and for that, I know how much I feel loved by you! You're great!! We need to hang out.

susana said...

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