Monday, September 14, 2009


( Sorry the pics are crap. Trav's camera SUCKS. :)

Bry is crawling! Crazy.

Things that he has learned since crawling:

There is a guitar in the room that makes sounds when you touch it, but the only time to go after the guitar is when mom & dad are not paying attention. Then crawl like a mad man to get it. (irritating).

There is a shiny piece of metal on the front door that shows a reflection. It's the best thing in the whole world to crawl over and look at the baby staring back for 10 minutes.
(funny. hits his head into the door trying to get to "the baby". ummmm yeah).

Discovery of the book basket. It's pretty sweet to get all the books out one by one and then suck, chew (he finally got a tooth) and drool on them. Oh and then getting stuck under the table. Awesome.

It is possible to know where mom & dad are at all times. Just follow them from room to room.
(very weird to walk into the kitchen, turn around and see him coming after me.)

(no pic of this one. haha. bummer dude).

I love my little MONSTER. :)

Well off to go drink a Vanilla coke zero. Yes I have a caffeine headache and it's 10:00 AM. :)


Marce said...

i'm missing it! i'm missing all of it!!! i'm so excited that he is crawling now....what a big big boy. he's soooo cute! i love the pic's. a little advice: don't let him get your phone from now on. that's how mine ended up in the toilet.

miss you and love you.

and the book thief: whew- lovin' it. i'm about half-way through now. can't seem to put it down. it's grabbed me like a kid grabs a handful of jelly beans in a candy store....and won't let me go.


better go.



Dee said...

I LOVE new posts! Cute pics! Cute baby!! Couldn't he have learned the crawling trick a couple weeks earlier for me?! I miss that little guy (oh, and you guys too). Wish we were closer and traveling was cheaper. :-(

Pablo and Syd said...

What a cutie!!! We're glad to see you guys are doing well and i can't believe Bryant is crawling and we haven't met him yet. We are the most ridiculous friends. We'll do better and call you guys to do something soon!!

Tiffany Johnson said...

K, seriously? I swear it was just last week when you were over here and he was still just laying on the ground scared to death of my monkeys running around him. CRAZY! And he has a TOOTH?? Wow.. lots of changes in such a short time. How's mom holding up?!

by the way.. when are we going to hang out again???!!! We need to.

And where were you last week? I feel like I haven't seen you in so long and I need my Becca fix. I love how real everything is with you. It makes me smile.

By the way, i'm not sure if Travis is playing ball tonight or not, but long live the wives club. BOYCOT! :-)

sallymae said...

sooooooo cute!!!