Monday, October 26, 2009

Bubba Monster..........

aka Bryant, Bry Guy, Monkey.

So I haven't blogged in a long time.

Why? Because my sister Nat has my camera case with everything I need to download my pics.

And who wants to read a blog post without pictures?

No one.

So this post is for me. I want to remember what my little man was like at "almost" 9 months.

Bryant things that melt my heart:

Seeing him standing in his crib staring at the door when I walk in his room in the morning.

The sound of him sucking in air because he is so excited to see me.

The sound of mama, dada, bubba, and nana.

How he follows me to & from every room with his "speed crawl."

The look on his face of pure excitement when he spots a dog.

His irrational love for a toothbrush.

The constant giggles when I read stories to him.

How he immediately stops what he is doing when he hears the sound of water running & begins crawling to the bathtub.


His fetish for his dad's shoes.

How he lays his head down on me and snuggles in when he is watching baby Einstein.

The fear he has of men with deep voices. haha.

How he sleeps 12 hrs at night.

The sight of him standing up holding on to the the side of our bed peeking up at me with his "smile eyes"

His little legs swinging back and forth like crazy in the grocery cart & stroller.

How he puts blankets and pillows over his face until we say "where's the baby??" and then the sight of him tossing them off and giggling. Cutest. thing. ever.

I love my family :)

PS. Pictures of Bryant's first trip to the zoo coming up.......


Travis said...

...Barfing on dad every chance he gets...
...Pooping up to his armpits...
...Throwing tantrums on the floor over nothing...
...Putting bite marks in all the furniture...
...Giving mom t***y twisters...

He's the bestest! Cute little manchild. So glad he says Bubbubbubbubbubbuh now. Love it...

nat said...

he is SO cute. I need to visit. sigh.

Leah said...

He's adorable I believe the "irrational" love is well deserved. Congrats on 12 hours a night. *internet high five* Sleep=happy kids & parents!

PS-Love of toothbrush and shoes doesn't ever seem to fade, at least not for Lucy.

Dee said...

That little twerp is learning so much stuff without me there to see it. Cute little twerp!

Marce said...

babies just don't come cuter than that lil Bubba man. i hate how i'm missing it. ALL OF IT. what the crap is up with that? i blame Mike. for moving me here. away from you. because blame is necessary when i feel like this. (angry, that is). sigh. come visit soon, please. i miss you already.

p.s. i like travis' comment. made me giggle out loud.

Tiffany Johnson said...

He really is so cute. I enjoy your posts! Even if there aren't any pictures! You make me laugh.