Thursday, October 8, 2009


Do you ever feel like your brain has gone to mush? Yeah me too. Is that even a word? Mush? I guess changing diapers, singing "5 little speckled frogs" and chasing around a very quick little man-child isn't all that intellectually stimulating. I need to find a new hobby.

I guess I'm reading the new Dan brown book. Does that count?

Ps. Is anyone as excited for Halloween as I am? Yeah we already have matching Halloween costumes for the whole fam..............with no where to go. We're cool that way.

Oh and what's with red box not having "My life in Ruins?"

Oh and do you know what sucks about buying an overpriced anthropologie blouse online?......

Having to send it back because it makes me look like a bag lady.

If a blouse costs that much money don't you think it should be lined and not completely sheer? Come on Anthro. I think I might have changed my opinion about you just a little. Grrr.

Ok long obnoxious hate rant over.


Marce said...

mushy = mom's brain. sucks. it's like, c'mon, you already have my you really need my brain too??

sheer top = the exact reason i have a hard time buying things online. i'm the annoying shopper that has to try something on in the store...then even if i looovvee it, i still think about it for twenty thousand minutes, double think about it for twenty thousand more minutes...and put it back on the rack until i realize 5 seconds later that i can't live without it. i like browsing online...but have had little success buying. which sucks because let's be honest, shopping with a baby is not as easy as it sounds. wait, it doesn't sound easy either. sigh.
i love when you blog :)

Travis said...


Tiffany Johnson said...

hahahahaha! I can totally relate. Mushy is DEFINITELY a word, first off. Second off... I think in the sense of what you were saying it goes along with nonexistant. So sad. At least we can all have much brains together, right? And we can now look around at eachother and just nod our heads and pretty much know what's going on with the other person just by that small gesture.

with the clothes.. um... first of all.. I don't ever buy clothes. I still wear things I wore in highschool and let me tell you, that was um.... about 13 years ago.. or so. SADDDDDDDD!!! That's not to say that I don't want new clothes.. that just means on my list of priorities... or maybe Nate's list of priorities... it kind of comes last so yeah, I pretty much never buy anything new for myself. SAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDD! Again! I should. But, I definitely can never find anything online either. k.. well, this post is lasting way too long.. sorry.


Marce said...

i have a feeling there's a story behind travis' one word "comment" comment.... tee hee hee. wish we could talk about it on the porch. like now. :(