Monday, January 11, 2010

Becca Thoughts....

Here is what I'm thinking today:

My son is crazy. One nap a day has turned him into a screaming maniac. I trade off crying & trying to be grateful that I have him, even if he is a brat sometimes.

The girl at Victorias secret today was a complete idiot or is that just me being judgemental? mmmmmmmmmm.

I wish my son was old enough that I could watch movies with him during the day. I would probably kill just to watch a somewhat entertaining film such as "finding nemo". Who cares about language development? pshhhh.

Bry's face is turning red and I just heard an explosion-like sound. That means crap, and a lot of it.

I think I may be pretty pathetic that the next thing I am looking forward to is valentines day, which is more than a month away.

I may be a hater and not do a big birthday party for Bryant. He doesn't know what's going on anyway right???

My christmas tree is still up. I might still be happily plugging it in every day.

Catching up on season 5 of lost last night has me thinking about how tricky Ben is, and is sayid really a killer at heart? and is kate better off with Sawyer or Jack? and what ever happened to the smoke monster?

I looked up plane ticket costs to London. yeah..... guess that goes in the "next year vacation" category.

Am I really going to make stuffed green peppers tonight? ugh all I want to do is go to a movie by myself with a very large tub of popcorn and a diet coke.

I just got a whiff of large crap. Guess I should go. peace. :)


Travis said...

Why don't you want to go to a movie with me????? :(

Deborah said...

Let's go see leap year. with frozen jr mints. milk duds. and not count the carbs. I feel a LADIES NIGHT coming on.

Kathleen said...

First birthday parties are silly--I only invite close family over for cake and presents-no party. Baby Einstein has a hypnotic effect on babies but is not as interesting as Finding Nemo

Marce said...

i like how you wrote about a giant crap made me laugh out loud. oh the life of being a mom. while i love it, it definitely sucks sometimes. :) i want to go to a movie too. but mike isn't home from work yet. and won't be for another hour. busy season has begun..........lame. well anyway, i like you and your thoughts. a lot. sending you a hug! xoxo

nat said...

oh bec. I love you and your crazy child. ha. Here is what we do. You need to drop bry off at my house and go see a movie at the broadway. I did it last week by myself and it was pretty dang amazing. Aaron told me once that I just needed to figure out that life is sometimes just hard and pretty terrible. Once I accepted that I felt better. ha. (I'm not saying your life is terrible, I'm just saying mine has been at times and it's okay just to have a hard crappy day/year. ha) okay. advice you didn't need!!! yes!!!

Katie Jo said...

So looking forward to valentines day is not crap...and for the record, I think you are amazing. I better be invited to Bry's Birthday party, and I will go to London with you. (and I mean that, because it is worth it)