Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So this is late coming but here are A LOT of pics from our Christmas in Tennessee!!!!


(cute except for Bry's creepy eyes. ha)

(So this isn't from TN, just thought it was cute haha)

(I had to sneak this one in too haha. I bought this headscarf at Tai Pan today. LOVE IT. so cute and warm. Love how it buttons in the back! Go get one, they have them in tons of colors for only $12.)

(Bryant, Travis's best friend Nick, and Alex reading a book. too cute)

(Christmas morning!!!! Posing in front of jackson's presents. :)

(Bryant ignoring presents and eating an orange whole. sweet.)

(a runts candy cane? don't mind if I do)


(cute church outfit from Grandma & Grandpa barnes. Thanks:)

(yep another "staring pic")

(Me and Bry. woot woot)

(cute husband opening his stocking)

(a smiling pic!!!)

(I love my boys. They're cute.)

(weird face. ha)

(Making Christmas Dinner. yummy)

Sorry for all of the lame pictures. This post is pretty much for my mom :)


Marce said...

Dear Becca,
I lloooooovvveeedd this post! Serious- you should never apologize for a blog post........ Especially one with so many adorable pictures!!! Plus, I love any chance I get to peek into your cute brain :) bry is so big! He is sooooo adorable. I love all of the smiles you've captured. Make sure to take tons now because they turn into little stinkers in the smiling department. Oh man, I know I've said this before, but I reaaaallllllyyyyy wish I could come over to your side of the porch with some hot chocolate and we could gab about the ridiculousness of all the boob implants on the bachelor. Alas, I will have to settle for now with sipping piƱa coladas on the beach. Hehe. Don't be too jealous- I'm about to become a widow for the next four months as moe experiences his first busy season. Shoot me now :) love you and miss you!!

Marce said...

FYI: moe = mike. Gotta love auto-fix. Ps I want your head scarf. Bad.

Sandra said...

Thanks Bec - xoxoxo

Dee said...

I love posts with lots of pictures! (even if I was around for most of them). Much better than those posts that just drone on and on and on - kind of like the one Travis did the other day. JK Trav, you know I love you! :-)

Tiffany Johnson said...

Becca... i've so missed you. I'm glad you're back. And I loved all your pictures!! I'm glad despite the stress and worry and AWFUL flight, it turned out to be ok. We need to hang out.. as soon as my kids stop sniffling and coughing. :-)

deanna said...

love your earrings in that head thingy photo.