Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summertime and the livin' is easy........

Hi Peoples
I LOVE summer.
I LOVE how happy Bryant is outside.
I LOVE cute little swimming shorts for my cute little boy.
I Love how pasty white I still am............oh wait. no.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far.

Hey twin sista....

Bryant on the run.....

ummmmm trying to eat the sunscreen....



(we didn't realize the pool would be pink until we opened it, Travis was not happy about it ha)

Excited about his new baseball........

Forcing bry to take a picture with me......

Wiped out. So cute.


Travis said...

Where'd you get that apron???!!! Like, so totally cute!! Jk. Love you guys.

Marce said...

so basically i'm pretty sure that i have the most gorgeous friend in the world.
you're looking sa-mokin' chica!
and bry guy, he's such a cutie.
i can't believe how fast they change. do you realize it's been almost a YEAR since i last saw him? wow.
i love summer too.
i just wish my summer had YOU in it.
come to california!
hug hug hug.

deanna said...

pink pool. ha ha

Tiffany Johnson said...

I'm with Marci.. you are GORGEOUS! the girls and I are looking at these pictures together and they both keep yelling your name and Bryant's name. So cute. They love you guys.
I love summer too. Especially now that we are haning out more. You need to just text me whenever you are outside and we'll come join you, or just take a little stroll around the corner and come to my house. I love the picture of the little man sleeping... so precious. I could NEVER get my kids to sleep in my arms after the point of 1 month old. sad. Bry is such a cute little guy. It make sense having you for a mamma! :-) Hopefully we'll see you this afternoon.

Leah said...

Its cool Pink will attract all the ladies! Happy summer to you and all your cute peeps.