Saturday, June 19, 2010

Joyous day comemorating thy delivery. Or Happy Birthday!

So, today is Becca's Birthday. She seems to be pretty upset about the fact that she's 25. I don't really get that. It's not that old. She claims that for a woman it's all downhill from 25,whereas men just become silver foxes like Anderson Cooper or George Clooney.

Unfortunately for Becca, I don't think she has come to grips with the fact that my future probably looks something a bit more like this:

That's my goal anyways.

I thought maybe I would list some things about Becca that make her worth the trouble... err... I mean that make me love her!

~Bec's a great Mom! Seriously, she puts you other mothers to shame. You guys should all feel slightly to majorly jealous of her mothering skills. Ok, don't feel bad, really. I'm sure you're all wonderful mothers, but I'm just trying to make a point. Bec's a really good Mom. She thinks she constantly being compared to my Mother, but that's just not the case. (I made the mistake of commenting how much I liked my Mom's sugar cookies once... right after Bec had made me sugar cookies... I'll never live it down. And she's never made me sugar cookies since then...) So while I think my Mom's awesome, I also envy Bubba and think he's pretty much the luckiest little boy in the world. Though I also think it would suck to have a hot mom, so I don't envy him in that respect. (But Mom, I still think you're adorable...just not like that...)

~Which brings me to reason #2... She's Bangin' Hot! ...The total package... Now I realize that our readers are 99.99999% women, so just ignore me for a minute. You know how they say that pictures are worth a thousand words? Sometimes that's just a flat out lie.  Because you know how when a guy sees a hot girl he goes stupid and has no words? That's what these pictures do for me... there are no words. *Drool*
~Bec's a hard worker. When something is important to her (school, a clean house, mothering, special events, convinving me to do what she wants, etc.) she pours her whole heart into it. Seriously, to the point of obsession. On second thought, maybe I should put this in my next list of her faults?? Ha...jk. Honestly, I respect the way she's able to really dedicate all her thoughts and engery into whatever it is that she's working on. I on the other hand, need breaks every ten minutes and eventually just call it quits when I'm tired of working on whatever it is I should be doing. Which explains why she got good grades and I...

~Lately Becca's been all domesticated and stuff. She's housebroken. I think I did it to her somehow. Seriously, when I met this girl, she was all "girl power" and "Ms. You'll-never-domesticate-me". I don't know what or how I did it, but she cooks me dinner...regularly...and it's good. I love it.

~Becca's a good person.  For some reason she seems to worry about this quite a bit.  I think that alone is evidence enough that she's good.  Bad people don't care that they're bad.  So let the record show that Becca is a wonderful person.


~She helped me clean my car the other day after a long day. That was pretty great too. Made me love her.

~She's a twin. This is more creepy than anything though. Just messing, Nat. We love you. And Happy Birthday to you as well!

~She's feisty.  It's a blessing and a curse.

~Bec's totally a girly-girl. While I don't appreciate the impact this occasionally has on our bank account, there's just something I like about a girl who takes the time, if you know what I mean. At the same time, she's a natural beauty. Good luck convincing her of it though. Perhaps it's better that way. But, she's as irresistible in the morning as she is after hours (yes, hours) of primping.

So Beccers, have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you lots and feel lucky to have you in our lives!


Travis and Bubba


Marce said...

cute cute cute cute HECKA cute post. loved it. and i agree about everything you wrote- Bec is smart, hardworking, funny, beeeautiful, a wonderful mommy, a thoughtful wife, a lovely person, and an even lovelier friend. happy happy happy birthday! hope it was perfect.

Becca said...

oh this was so nice it made me cry! Thanks so much for this, you are the best travis (and marci). That picture of that man diving into the water is hilarious fyi. LOVED THIS, Love you.

Tiffany Johnson said...

Seriously??? Such a great post!! It made me love you even more Bec.. if that was possible. You deserve all the compliments.. you are a wonderful person and I too am glad to have you in my life. :-) Trav- this was great. You two make me sick sometimes but in a jealous way. :-) haha. Love you both. Happy Birthday Becca!

Chantel said...

Happy B-day!! Don't worry, it's not all down hill from 25. At least I hope not anyway since I'll be 35 on my next B-day. BLEH!!!

Deborah said...

I think my favorite part is the
T&A comment. by far.