Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Before pics....

So you may be wondering why I'm posting such bizarre pictures of myself.

Here's the deal. I feel really out of shape, to the point where I can't buy new jeans (thus why my old ones have holes EVERYWHERE) AND it's nearing spring time with the dreaded swimming suit and shorts weather (shudder). So I decided to start the "30 day shred". I thought and thought and thought about what would motivate me to actually accomplish such a horrible task..........and the answer was HUMILIATION (because obviously humiliation=motivation for me in some weird sick way).

I figured if I posted "before pics" then I would be accountable to make the after pics look AWESOME OR just see if the "30 day shred" ACTUALLY works.

So here we go..I dug out an old swimming suit from my honeymoon from 3 1/2 yrs ago and decided to post the first 2 pics that we took no matter how ugly they were (with no flexing of the abs or tanning just to get a better idea of what areas I need to work on).

ok here they are

Big Sigh


Hello gut

Hello love handles

Ok so 30 days from now expect some awesome "after shots".........I hope. I Hope. I HOPE.


Natalie said...

I don't know if you know I follow your blog, but I do. And I think this is an awesome idea! So I hope you don't care, but I'm totally gonna do it too!!! Except I'm not going to post before pics cause lets face it, thats scary. And for the record, I'd kill for my after pics to look like your before pics.

Jessica said...

Ok I just want you to suck. And your "before" pictures as you call them I seriously thought you mislabeled for a minute, because they are better than my "after" pictures after I lost like 25 lbs before I had a baby.

Also, I'm super jealous of your post-baby body because apparently it forgot to bless you with the stretch marks mine gave And that is why (among other more obvious reasons) I will never have a bikini body again.

However, it kind of made me want to get my body "swimsuit" ready. I started thinking about exercising, and then I saw the Brownies on the Moon ice cream (I'm not even kidding about this.)

So as I sit here and eat my brownies on the moon I'm thinking about how we should hang out soon...I feel bad Saturday didn't work out. If it makes you feel better we should have chosen the dino museum because my salad sucked so bad I couldn't even eat most of it and Elliot got food poisoning.

Lets hang out and while you and Elliot eat your carrot sticks and celery, Travis and I can eat ice cream. (Please tell me Travis isn't on this "health" kick too)

Jessica said...

Also, look at all your friends along your blog roll on the left! I'm kinda jealous and secretly wish we were your only friends.

Oh well, if we can't be your only friends we're still your favorite, right?

Anniversary sale at Nordstrom this weekend. I can't buy anything but it's fun to look - wanna go?

nat said...

You are the coolest person I know. the end. also, you look smokin'. I'm so psyched you did this. yeah!!!

nat said...

did I mention...bad ass...yeah...totally bad ass....

Andrea said...

I dont see a gut
I dont see love handles.

But, good for you for wanting to get in shape!

Alliant Counseling and Education said...

I agree with Andrea... you want to see what "real" love handles look like & a real gut! ha jk. I did take some before pictures of myself recently, but I could never in a million years post them. I can barely look at them with one eye open and the other one squinting. But, good for you for getting into shape and being motivated!! You've got guts to post pics. Good luck!

Alliant Counseling and Education said...

opps... jessica hedgepeth is alliant counseling... dang work email.

Trisha said...

Ow ow! You look amazing for having a baby! Good luck you are going to do great! Also, your hair looks sweet. Love you!

April said...

you look good already...don't worry about it!

Marce said...

There are so many things I want to say to you right this minute:
1. Dang you're sexy!
2. Don't be so darn hard on yourself.
3. Though I'm kind of a hypocrite because I just yelled at myself in my head for eating an oreo. Do they put addictive substances in oreos?
4. I love that swim suit.
5. My body is a mess. one giant mess. I don't think any sort of shredding is going to do the trick. sigh.
6. Let's just ditch these shredding plans and go get some frozen yogurt. yes, i like that idea.
7. i love you.

Tim and Jennifer said...

I think the last time I looked that skinny I was ten.

Perspective is funny, isn't it?

deanna said...

um...I call girls I see like you "skinny bitches"
But do what makes you feel healthy.