Monday, March 21, 2011

blabbering becca.....

I dare you to watch

Secret Millionaire

and not cry.

It gets me every time (or maybe I'm just a freak. who knows?)

I miss volunteering, I used to do it all of the time when I was a student nurse. I need to get back into doing things around the community. I worry about not teaching Bryant the right things or not living a good example. I want him to grow up to be a good, caring, strong, compassionate person who stands up for the things he believes in, but I often wonder if I am "that" kind of person? and what things can I do to teach him that? How do I make him better than I have been? It's a lot of pressure being a parent sometimes. Anyway that probably made no sense. food for thought. I need to go to bed.



Dave Cook said...
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Tiffany Johnson said...

So, that deleted comment was me. My computer was signed in on another, so it didn't show up as me. :-)

Anyways, you are a great mother. I think the fact that you have that in your soul will reflect on your mothering. Bryant is a lucky little man to have you for a mom. And, when he understands it more, i'm sure there are many opportunities to teach him hands on.

Keep being great. I know you're good at it.

Siobhan said...

I liked that post. :)

Sandra said...

I am feeling the need for a volunteering project myself. I texted Nat to come up with a project that the three of us could do a few days ago, as she had mentioned it to me. I guess we are all feeling it. You are a wonderful Mother and do so much for your little family. You are a great example to them and to me! I am missing you guys and hope to see you soon. I also hope the sun will decide to shine for longer than a few minutes. :)

Marce said...

you inspire me all the time.
i mean that sincerely.
thanks for being you.
my life would be bleak without you in it :)