Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm kind of feeling like this today....

I'm kind of blue today

My skin is breaking out for no good reason, which always reminds me of my horrible years in junior high (when you desperately want to feel pretty and popular but you utterly fail because your fugly skin and frizzy hair won't cooperate. sigh)

Bryant threw my phone on the ground in a crazy screaming tantrum of rage and it broke into 2 pieces, now it won't turn back on. It had almost 400 pictures and MANY videos of the bry guy that I hadn't downloaded to my computer yet (which are now lost forever). I'm going to be kicking myself for that one for a very long time.
Ps. I still don't have a phone so if you have tried to call or text me SORRY :(

did I mention my skin?

boo hoo hoo

Feel bad for me :)

At least it's friday and I'm taking bryant to the zoo tomorrow. Anyone want to come with us?

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Jessica said...

I want to come so bad but I am so sick :( maybe when I get better we can hang out.