Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Happy Easter!
The easter bunny came early to our house today. Bryant loved it! (who doesn't love candy and toys? Although Bryant tried to eat his new playdough, which he lovingly calls "goo"). We ended up going to the Thanksgiving point "Easter Eggstreme egghunt" (which was pretty lamerific if you ask me ha). They did have a little train that Bryant got to ride though, and the animal farm is always a thrill for the bubba boy. I think his favorite part of the day has been hanging out with Travis' mom and sister who are staying with us. He adores them (and probably drives them nutty sometimes). GOOD TIMES.

Here is our day in pictures :)

Enjoy mom


deanna said...

Hitler Easter baby?
I've been loving Cadbury Creme Egg Mcflurries for my Canadian Easter....Mmm hmmm.

Sandra said...

Love your Easter post! Just wishing I was there tagging along! So glad Dee gets to enjoy some time with the little man and you guys! xoxoxo

Jessie Evans said...

I can't believe he's getting so big! Your family is darling. Oh, and your house is stinking cute.