Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I hate running

Tonight I made the effort to put on my cute little jogging shorts, tank top, and new "run-tone" shoes. I haven't gone on a run in over a year and tonight I decided was "the night" to kick some booty and run a couple of miles. I made it 2 streets from my house, had to turn around and walk home. I then had sit with my head between my knees (for the next 20 minutes) until I no longer felt like blowing chunks everywhere. Dude that was a bitch. Apparently the 30 day shred is nothing to actual running.

Lesson learned. How do people run marathons? or actually WANT to run a marathon. yuck.

In other news. I think Bryant's thomas the train obsession might be getting out of hand.

He has to line them all up on his dresser before he goes to bed. haha. It's ridonkulous


Sandra said...

Thomas and Bryant make me happy! What a boy!

deanna said...

I LOVE this post.
Every once in awhile I feel bad and think I should take the word B**ch out of my vocabulary. And then...people like you use it in an amazingly amazing way and make me love it! Thank you.

The Awesome Larsons said...

Not sure about the marathon, but Paul and I are running the ragnar in two weeks, and if I can do that, you can run too.