Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sorry for the craptastic picture. haha. Anywho, I'm going to Seattle in about 2 weeks for a vacation with my mom and sister. Does anyone have any advice on what we should see while we are there? If so PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE tell me :) Thanks friends!!


Kris said...

If you're going to have Bryant with you then the aquarium is super fun and worth the money. Also, just down the street from the aquarium is a great seafood joint, but I can't remember the name... maybe Ivars??? That and Pike's market are about the only things I've done in Seattle.

Leah said...

There are two places in Seattle I'm dying to go, and my friend Katie just moved there and confirmed my suspicions as to their awesomeness. Their Art Museum is supposed to rival MOMA and of course the experience music project It's like an interactive museum. Anyhoo you gals have a fabulous time, which I"m sure you will ;)

Jessie Evans said...

Um, so I'm going to Seattle in about three weeks. I've never been, so you'll have to share all the fun things to do you discover!!

Jana said...

Hey Becca! So I live just 45 minutes south of Seattle and have tried to do a lot of the touristy things when we first got here. We found the Seattle City pass which gets you in to some of the big tourist spots: space needle, museums, aquarium, harbor cruise, zoo, for a decent price. I would look into that if you are interested in doing that kind of stuff. Pike's market is pretty fun too. There are also ferries you can take to the San Juan islands or up to Victoria, Canada which I hear is a must see. There is also the Ballard Lochs (google it) where they also have salmon ladders where you can see the salmon swim (it depends on the time of year). I hope that helps! Have fun and hopefully you'll have some decent weather!
Jana (from nursing school)

Kathleen said...

We've visited Seattle lots of times to see my husband's grandma and now we live just south of Seattle (my husband, Zach, works in downtown Seattle).

You should got to Pike's place market. I think the Space Needle is over priced ($18 just to take an elevator up and walk around the observation deck). You can get a great view of the city on the 73rd floor observation deck of the Columbia Center and I think it's only $5. It's indoor with huge windows--I think it's also much less crowded.

There's a little park on Queen Ann Hill that has a great view of the city with the space needle in front and the skyscrapers behind it(like the pic on your post). The park is free and you can park for free, but the streets on Queen Ann Hill are narrow and hilly. Another great place to see the city scape is on Alki Point. You can park for free and walk along the water looking over the Sound towards the city. If you keep walking, there's a beach with mountain views, but I like the city view best.

I also think it's fun to take the ferry across the sound to the peninsula. If you're up for a little drive on the peninsula, they have a rain forest and cape flattery is beautiful.

My husband can tell you good places to get just about any food (he goes out to lunch with his coworkers regularly). They have a Dim Sum (sp?) place where they bring around carts of food and you just pick out what you want and pay by the plate. They also have a sushi place (Blue C Sushi) where the plates go around on a conveyor belt and you just take what you want and pay by the plate. He also really liked a place called The Pink Door.

He went on a work trip to the experience music project and said it was neat and has a really good Nirvana exhibit.

You can email me if you have any questions.

Marce said...


wish i had a money tree in my backyard, and i'd go pick some money leaves off of it and join you.

Have SO much fun! i can't wait to hear ALL about it!!

p.s. when are you guys going to St. George next? i'm thinking an impromptu summer trip would be bad-A.


Emilee said...

I went there for a conference and I loved it! I didn't get to go far to see much, because I was really busy. I really enjoyed Pike street. I also really enjoyed the underground Seattle tour (informative but humorous at the same time).